1.Tieups with college societies

Colleges have fest and competitions all the time and are looking for a sponsorship.This is the perfect way to market as required market is being captured with sponsorships like these


Tieups with coffee houses and neighbourhood places which provide discount coupons for your membership or bonus.

3.Guirella marketing

Guirella marketing is making your name be everywhere, making advertisements everywhere using cheap sources to get maximum crowd.

4. Organising a Quiz

To represent your students know the most start an annual quiz or knowledge based game to show authenticity of institution


Creative posters as well as discounts

6.P2P marketing

Cusing strong commission to make people bring their friends to the same institute


Tie ups with educational apps like udemycoursera and byjuus to help with promotion of institute

8.Acive social media network

In this age of social media it is very important to be up to date with the trends and having a strong facebook twitter page helps


A blog for students to write queries and discuss


forming study groups in batches to promote learning