Online Examination Software: Choosing the best  fit for you

By | July 16, 2018

Online Examination Software: Choosing the best  fit for you

The more you sweat during practice, the less you bleed in the war!”

There exists a cut-throat completion in the in the field of education and the only way to beat the competition is by persistent hard work along with practice. Practice reduces error, improves performance and helps bridge the gap between the dreams and reality of a student. Online examination software enables the aspirants to practice anywhere and anytime.

In order to conduct an exam we need to arrange a lot of things in general, however, the online examination system asserts the examination procedure by putting together an astringent and hassle-free framework. All these things help to ascertain the enhancement of the performance of students.


To conduct examination online you need to take into account the various attributes of online examination like:

1.The devices on which it is accessible like mobile, laptop, computer.

1.The devices on which it is accessible like mobile, laptop, computer.

2.Evaluation and result methodology - online examination software

2.Evaluation and result methodology.


3.Custom styling - online examination software

3.Custom styling



4.Payment options - online examination software

4.Payment options



5.Supports various types of questions - online examination software

5.Does the platform support various types of questions like MCQ, fill in the blanks, passage type questions etc.




6.The ease of using the platform.




7.Customer support mechanism - online examination software

7.Customer support mechanism.



8.Supported test modes: Online, offline or both.



9.Security and speed - online examination software

9.Security and speed



10.Cost efficiency for automation of exam invigilation.

All these factors together decide the reliability factor for online examination software. It is always good to check out the demo provided by them.

Choosing the right partner for this task can enhance the quality of your testing by manifolds. Pesofts provides a white-label exam solution to institutions who wish to take the plunge and make education better. Pesofts aims to provide the educator as well as the aspirant a rich experience when it comes to examination which is not restricted to a website as it comes with an app as well.

We hope that  this article will help you choose the best fit according to your requirements!