It is highly accurate. As the results of online exams are checked by machine, the accuracy level is high. The chances of Human error are greatly reduced. Colleges have fest and competitions all the time and are looking for a sponsorship. This is the perfect way to market as required market is being captured with sponsorships like these

Cost of the examiner –

Online examination requires fewer resources in comparison to physical examinations i.e. faculty, staff, material etc.

No Travelling Strain -

Since the exams can be given from any computer, the students don’t need to travel to the Exam centre. Hence, it saves their precious time.

Easy process-

Online examination process is easy both for the host and the candidates.

Widely Accessible-

An examiner can distribute the examination and assignments to many people at once.

No physical barriers -

Online examination can be accessed from any part of the world using a computer with internet facility.

Mobile App-

Practice tests along with subject material can be accessed through mobile app which has an easy interface.

Dynamic Nature-

The tests can be modified into multiple choice questions,Wrong /Right questions or any other type of question based on the examiners choice.

Quick Evaluation-

The exam can be easily evaluated and scores can be checked instantly.


Removes the scope of cheating.