3 simple ways of conducting the free online exam software demo


Electronic assessment, also known as e-assessment, online assessment, computer-assisted, and computer-based assessment, is the use of IT in various forms of assessment such as educational assessment, training assessment, etc. There is a need for Free Online Exam Software Demo for understanding the service provided by the provider. If you search this article frequent times then, you are in the right place. Pesofts providing for the 50 students the Free Online Exam Software Demo So anyone can be check service provided by us and after anyone choose premium software by us.

1. what is the Online Exam Software or Online Test Software.

Everyone knows the conduction of offline exam is no more because of our govt and the cutting of trees and wastage of paper is not safe. So we have decided for providing the Online Exam Software for those coaching and institute which is more likely who want to see the more secure and best result for there student day by day with growing online platforms increase and we are here for providing the online exam software demo in this platform and no one harm with online exam software.

This is a very simple process and the below things which are providing in free online exam software demo

· Excellent question bank management
· Self-enrollment facility
· Live video capturing
· Data import and export
· Live monitoring system
· Communication with students
· Secure interface
· Convenient evaluation process
· Cost effective than physical paper-based exams
· Access the study material or learning tips from anywhere
· Instant results features
· Exam creation is easy
· Add or delete the question paper easily
· Eliminate paper usage and wastage
· Lower down the errors in the evaluation process that comes usually in traditional exams
· Controlling exams from anywhere no restriction to reach the center
· Securely save the whole data of students effectively
Moreover, this is the best way to prevent malpractice and copying in the exam. An online exam has plenty of advantages, it is considered the easy solutions to conduct tests, analyze the report, generate results and much more.

Free Online Exam Software Demo

2. what is the way to getting Premium Online Exam Software.

Just click on the Online Exam Software Price and you will be redirected to our Contact Form, fill that form, then our sales team will able to discuss further things with you.

3. what will be the support given by our team

Pesofts is the most trusted and accepted Online Exam Software. Use this platform to create an online test, allocate assignments, Request Demo by filling our contact form. Your request and our actions to strive triggered support.
Customer Service at any time in 24*7. we will give you the Team-viewer, calling, Skype, separate WhatsApp group, mailing support according to your need and convenience.