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If you haven’t taken your examinations to the online platform yet then you better do so before it’s too late!

Considering the amount of work and skills it takes it can be said that creating an Online Examination Platform could be quite a messy affair.

If you set out to buy one for your school or coaching then it can possibly burn a hole in your pocket. Already getting the jitters? We are here make your work easy by providing you with an Online Test Platform. which would work online.

It will also be available as an app which would work fine on all devices running on Android and IOS. All this at a very affordable price

In this digital era where many things have become online, whether it is TV serials, grocery, bookings, and payments and now even exams.

Digitization has disrupted almost every sector in which it has set its feet and now it is here in the education sector to revolutionize every aspect of it.

With the changing pedagogy of teaching across the world, the mode of examination is also shifting its momentum from offline mode to online mode rapidly.

In the given scenario an online examination software perfectly suits the bill.

Such a paradigm shift is a necessity and hence undeniable in the long run, those who are either aloof or reluctant of it will definitely suffer the brunt!

Online Examination Software

Learn How To Get Free Online Exam Software Demo Without Paying a Single Rs. or Contact Us.

Our 24×7 available support to our customers sets us ahead of the competition in the online examination software market. It comes with fully customizable apps which cater to all the needs of the customer.

Creating tests was never as easy before as we have made it. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of material to generate tests or not, we are here to take of all your requirements and give you outstanding results.

Generate scorecards and compare results of candidates easily, there is no limit to the number of questions in any tests moreover you can even add complex questions with equations and images.

online examination software

Questions can be either multiple choice questions (MCQ), essay type questions, matrix matching type questions or even subjective.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of tests that can be created, and they can be edited too! Another major advantage is the easy to use user interface which makes everything as smooth as butter.

You also have the option to monetize your tests with a very secure payment gateway. The app comes with a logo of your brand/coaching/school and lives test scan also be taken.

Learn How To Get Free Online Exam Software Demo Without Paying a Single Rs. or Contact Us.

online exam software

Reports of tests of various candidates are auto-generated and they are assessed on various parameters. The outlook however, is totally up to administrator, i.e., the customer and it can be changed anytime without any hassles.

We already know that candidates can give prestigious exams like JEE, NEET and many more online as well. There may come a time when these exams will be fully online.

Fast paced and secure

So come, be a part of the change while a highly skilled and dedicated team of innovative individuals takes care of all your needs in the digital arena!