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Explore Anti-Cheating Online Exam Software Features

  • White Labelled Software

    White Labelled Software

    Make Exam Conducting software & app with your branding.

  • Live Class Record Video

    Live Class & Record Video’s

    Start live classes from any device, mobile or desktop accordingly & sell recorded video’s.

  • Concurrent Live Tests

    Concurrent Live Tests with Proctoring

    Create & conduct Unlimited tests in single time from anywhere with pesofts software.

  • Low Cost & Excellent Features

    Guaranteed Low Cost Best Features Software

    Guaranteed Best features like speed examination, smart online exam with low cost, check out software price.

  • Inbuild Proctroing

    Support All Type of Language’s

    Upload objective & subjective paper with any local language and conduct exam.

  • Support All Language's

    Cheat Free Inbuild Proctoring Feature

    Proctoring will help your to improving security, Its make cehat free examination software.

Conduct Online Exams With Pesofts Exam Conducting Software

Easy Of Understanding

Easy Of Understanding

Exam software is easy to use, easy exam builder, highly secure, easy conducting papers, easy hiring, and more. Platform work like a charm without a bug.

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Highly Responsive Software

Highly Responsive Software

Select any responsive online exam software custom theme for your panel for both website and mobile application with simple registration feature.

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Generate Student Report

Generate Quick Report

Online test creating system creates students quick report result, fast analysis, compare with toppers result. Anyone can give there students discount with COUPON or TOKEN facility

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Anyone Can Conduct Test

Anyone Can Conduct Test

Faculty, Institutions, Coaching, Corporate & beginner easily conduct online exam with our examination software from anywhere. You can add bulk student record with excel.

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Easy To Use For Corporates

Easy To Use For Corporates

online exam software easy to use for everyone also for corporates for hiring, taking psycho tests and traning of employee with highly pesofts security.

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Live Exam Testing Panel

Live Exam Testing Panel

Fully AI supportable, Proctoring enabled systems, Recognize face before conducting paper. Generate quick report with the answer key at any time for long and short problems.


Make Strong Com. to Student

Make Strong Com. to Student

Integrated SMS and Email functionality for reminding about a test result, award or scholarship and systems will generate quick PDF reports after submitting test by students.

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Responsive Web and App

Responsive Web and App

Test creating portal for students is fully responsive with mobile app(Android, iOS) with the same ultimate performance through the tablet or website (desktop/pc) interface.


Other’s Examination Software vs Pesofts Software

Other Vendors


Manual Uploading

Lots of examination software upload questions paper manually.


Poor Front-end

The user had to invest a lot to get a design with fewer features.


No Payment Gateway

Some vendors not provided payment gateway inbuld featurs.


No Customization

Most of exam conducting companies not provided white labelled features

Pesofts Examination Software


Quick Paper Uploading

Automatically create & uploading papers in software.


Good Front-end

The user can get the latest features and support by paying less.


Inbuild Payment Gateway

Direct bank transaction through inbuild payemnt gateway in software.


Customizable Available

CWhite lablled customised theme, market your branding

Services We Deliver With Trusted Companies

We Got Lots Of Reviews From our Clients

Why Business Owner Loves To Pesofts Software Only

kanchan Thakur IES
“Pesofts is revolutionizing of online test series software with a responsive mobile examination app. We focused only on marketing-oriented software making for education and private sectors to grow.”



Mukesh Kumar Career
“I switched from other vendors to pesofts and surprised because they handle and manage my exam management process very quickly, and they have a best-supported team for providing service at any time”



Desh Raj Chanakya
“These guys have extremely focus on the education sector. I hope to see innovation in the exam process through them. Pesofts have Best Online examination system for creating offline and online exams best of luck.”



Know More Before Buying Pesofts Online Exam Software

Pesofts online exam software provider as a digital-friendly education software/system has enabled colleges, institutions as well as corporate sectors to manage or create exams and assess the students and the employees by holding offline and online examination. Due to its introduction, almost all the national level competitive examination such as CTET, UPSC, GATE, & IIT JEE & ( MAINS, ADVANCE ), AIIMS exams, & RRB exams, & CSIR NET Exam & NET paper, all exam under & SSC , & IBPS, have shifted their mode from offline exams to conduct the online tests.

With Online Test Software – Corporate, college, and coaching can assess the progress of their employees. Students can check the capability of the applicants during recruit in the form of aptitude tests or psychometric tests. The exclusive features of this system, such as robust security, user-friendliness, accessibility by authorized persons, play an essential role in enhancing the user’s experience for conduct online exams, managing or creating exams hassle-free without any stress.

Basic Features you Should Know before Buying Examination Creating Software?

There are lots of features available in software like 1. White label, 2. Take Live Classes, 3. Quick Result Generate, 4. Coupon Generate Facility, 5. SMS Integration 6. Online Exam live and lots of others.

Easy Question Upload:- This online examination system is compatible with AI that’s why pesofts software enables you to upload questions/items in any language.
Best Supportive Team:- an Experienced team of pesofts provides 24*7 support to ensure that all the examination related queries and issues get resolved in a jiffy, Generates detailed results quickly as soon as the exam gets completed.
Integrate SMS:- The feature of integrated SMS ensures that the test takers are aware of all the necessary exam-related notifications with its feature of responsiveness, you can evaluate your students on any screen (computer or mobile).
Cities Cover In India:- Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, WestBengal, Madhyapradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and are planning to connect to other states and cities as well.

Importance of Online Examination System In Pesofts?

Technological inventions often offer innumerable benefits, and almost all the service sectors nowadays are equipped with tech-savvy products. The advantages offered by these discoveries have made it necessary for the educational institutions to include online examination software for evaluating the learner’s capabilities.

Education Software reduces exams burdens, Taking exam anywhere Online exams reduce the administrative burden of the exam holding bodies as this software generates detailed results instantly as well as acts like an invigilator through its proctoring feature. Computer-based exams with computer-based test software lessen the exam anxiety of the performance that promote their mental health. With these, students can take the exam anywhere as well as anytime conveniently at the comfort of their home.

Improve Communication gap in between teachers and students With instant detailed results, teachers can provide accurate feedback to the students and can also tell them the ways for improving their overall performance. Elimination of administrative burden, any proctoring, and automatic onscreen checking helps to save costs related to the examination. Thus apart from providing various other benefits, the  assessment software also makes the teachers tech-savvy as they learn how to operate multiple screens as well as technological software.

Types of Exam Software/System Pesofts Provided

We provide two types of online exams conducting software for conducting digital exams. In the first type is a website based exam conducting software that has the feature of responsiveness and support iOS as well as Android, There is a customized dashboard as per the client’s requirement. In the second one online examination platform, we only provide you with web-based testing conducting system that only supports computer screens.

This medium does not include a customized dashboard as per the user’s needs. It is not compatible with iOS or Android. Our knowledgeable support team gives you a complete description of both the versions in detail. It also helps you with how to use both the panels.

What Pesofts Think For Students and Teachers

We have incorporated features in this online examination software by keeping in mind the requirements for anyone also for teachers. The learner is often anxious and stressed before any test that has a direct impact on their mental health. With Pesofts online exam software, learners can take their exams anytime and anywhere at their home comfort as per their convenience.

The feature of including any format of questions such as MCQ’s, True False types, keeps them engaged as well as entertained during this exam. The Learner can see detailed results instantly after the completion of the test. They get an insight into the areas that require improvement. Thus the use of this panel gives the tutee excellent learning experience and also develops their future.

For the teachers, this online examination system provides analyzed results after the end of the test that enables the teachers to provide immediate feedback to the trainee. The bond between the two strengthens as the teachers can give proper guidance to the students for improvement. Automatic onscreen checking and online proctoring reduces the administrative burden of the teachers that makes them stress-free.

In the market, plenty of similar types of software are available, but not every online test software provides you with the exclusive feature of question banks, automatic grading as well as generation of the answer sheet with an answer key with a free trial. Other software providers often charge more as compared to Pesofts online test software that is available at a moderate price, along with a free demo. Our primary clientele who have instilled their trust in us for many years consists of & Kd Campus, & Goal institute, & Gate Academy, & Career Endeavour, & Pinnacle, & Chanakya, and more.a

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. ✔️ Online Testing Software Is an Exam Conducting Software, With This Software Everyone Can Conduct There Students Online Tests Using Web & App Base System.
Ans. ✔️ Yes, We Give Our Promised To Them There Data Never leaked, And They Can Download There Data Backup At Any Time.
Ans. ✔️ Yes, We Have Developed A Proctoring So Students Never Cheat In Exam, Also In Live Class Students & Teachers Can Communicate At Any Time With Our Two Way Communication System.
Ans. ✔️ Yes, We Always provide Demo First To Our Newest Clients So You Can Check Our Software As Well As Our Service.
Ans. ✔️ Yes.! Simple as everything, Share your Datail To us With Enquiry Form & We Will Make Your Software Panel Whichg You Can Use For Students Exam.