Kdcampus at that time had very basic software, They were not able to monetize it, Even categorization of tests was missing, lots of students were finding difficult to find the test of their interest. Our biggest problem to solve was how to monetize that and handling such a large no of the students who were ready to give tests.

There was also a problem, how to differentiate students who were studying in the institute and outside students who were just here for the exam purpose. it is customary in the coaching that student who was part classroom course should get a special type of test and it would be valid more than 1 year.


We are very grateful to them, they trusted us to build for them a very good software. I built a theme based online exam software which basically product is shown to the students so that students can buy this product as well as they can check what is in it for them in this product.

And we developed different activation pathway for the classroom students so that classroom students can get their special product activated for them and extended year validity.


It boosted the revenue generation of the institution. Design and user interface became cult for the coaching institutes. we successfully able to manage between students who were in classroom and outsides.