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By | 09/06/2018


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Nowadays, lots of exams are being conducted. Every coaching puts solution or answer keys on their website, so that students can visit there and see the correct answers. Some of the coachings believes that putting answers before anyone else makes students visit your website and, hence more market we will capture . Many coaching institutes are putting this as a marketing strategy. If you are really thinking it as marketing concept you have to push your link at the top of google index

Here are some tips which will help you to put your link at the top of google index.

  • Finalize a keyword : You have to pick a catchy name (keywords) which student generally search for answers or solutions. Like if you want to put the solution for GATE then you have to put like GATE 2016 exams solution.
  • Make an independent Page : You have to make an independent page with the name of GATE 2016 exams solution where you have to put detailed answers and solution.
  • Make the student stay on page longer : You have to put the solution in detail so the student can stay for a longer period of time on your page.
  • Content on the page : Make content on page keyword specific, use a bold letter for the keyword and make it hyperlinked. Put title as the keyword.
  • Fetch customer : Last but not the least. This is the most important part for the google, you have to fetch the customer on the page. You have to share it in your class Facebook group, twitter group, send the link on SMS to your students. If users are coming in this link your page link will come at the top of google index.