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Best CUCET Exam Conducting Test/Examination Software 2022

Coaching Centers Create Easy CUCET Test Using Pesofts Test Platform.


Freely Set Time Limits

While creating online exams, the teachers can set the time limit within which the students have to finish as per their own discretion.

Randomize Questions

To avoid students resorting to using unfair practices, teachers while creating online exams can randomise the sequence of questions.

Universities Want to Exam

Online Exams are Created by the universities own, and they can brand them in the manner they want. They will not see our mark or logo anywhere.

Payment Gateway Enabled

In Pesofts Cucet test Platform the ammount will reflected in your bank which Students pay for buying your Test Series throungh the Website.

Why Pesofts Test Platform For CUCET Entrance Test

Live Test

Live Test For Any Types of Exam

With this test platform, coaching centers providing coaching for CUCET can conduct live tests. In the same, while the students take the test, the faculty can keep an eye on them to ensure that they do not cheat.

Any Format of Question Like Excel, Doc

pesofts CUCET Test platform allows teachers to add any form of MCQ’s consisting of formulas, pictures etc. Our aim is to ensure that while the students take practice tests they get prepared to give the final test to get into the best university for post secondary education.

Any Format Of Questions
Teachers Can Add/ Import Questions

Teachers Can Add/ Import Questions

Pesofts CUCET Exam Platform, the teachers can easily add or import the questions of different subjects and topics. Not only this they can support questions with images as well as formulas.

Easy Scorecard Generation for the Student

The app that makes online coaching possible, it should have the feature of a real-time messaging where the users can directly approach the educators in case of any doubt. With this, the students never feel isolated and distant from their teachers.

Easy Scorecard Generation
Restricts Viewing Of Lectures To Strangers

Restricts Viewing Of Lectures To Strangers

For those who teach online often have the fear that their lessons are share with others without any consideration. Thus to prevent this, a teaching app should provide security. It should be in a manner that allows educators to create encrypted courses. Security viewing of courses possible to only the ones who have subscribed to it.

Free or Paid Course for Online Teaching

In an online coaching app, the users should have the option of choosing courses as per their affordability. Thus the app should give an option to the teachers to offer some lessons that are completely free and the premium ones that can only be view after paying the requisite fees. Further, before subscribing for the lessons, they should have an opportunity to see some se course content before they sign up.

Free Or Paid Courses
Highly Responsive

Highly Responsive and Great User Interface

Candidates can take the exam on any device be it their laptop, tablet, mobile or computer. They are under no compulsion to arrange for a particular device and can thus give the exam without involving themselves into any hassle.

Pesofts CUCET Exam Platform is a fast and easy to use intuitive software

Pesofts CUCET Exam Platform is a fast and easy to use intuitive software which can be used by Coaching institutions to easily build custom exams to start their testing today. In the modern era of education, while all the important exams are being conducted in a computerized format, the National Testing Agency has planned to not even leave the CU-CET exam to be conducted in the traditional manner.
CUCET Exam would aid in admitting students to undergraduate programmes in 45 Central Universities & since its being conducted for the first time, there is a need to ensure that students are well aware of the Exam Format. Pesofts CUCET Exam Platform Has Come To The Student’s Rescue To Enable Them To Be Aware Of The Test Format Before Hand

FAQ For Online Coaching Application

CUCET Test Platform

Ans. ✔️ To be conducted for the first time ever, CUCET which is also called the Central Universities Common Entrance Test would aid in admitting students to undergraduate programmes in 45 Central Universities.
Ans. ✔️ The exam is tentatively scheduled to be held in the first week of July 2022. The application window for the exam was opened in the first week of April.
Ans. ✔️ To be conducted by the National Testing Agency, CUCET is a computerized exam through which students would get a single window opportunity to seek admission in the Universities across the country that participate in the exam.
Ans. ✔️ Pesofts CUCET exam platform should be preferred by every educational institute for the following reasons:
1. Easy To Use
2. Scalable and Seamless
3. Easy payment
4. Equipped with anti cheating methods capable to function on low bandwidth
5. Easily supports various types questions
Ans. ✔️ With online exam management software, the educational institutes get the following benefits:
1. No scope of human errors coupled with reduced workload for the teachers as well as administration
2. Students can conveniently learn by giving exams in remote locations
3. Proctor maintains examination integrity and eliminates the scope to cheat or for malpractices