Digital Marketing Trainer, Do work on live projects


In the growing era, digital marketing is the next level of opportunity for a growing future. In India most, people start their startup’s/business, and they want to get more customer by online marketing also increasing their sales.

Digital Marketing Course is divided into many different courses like SEO, SMO, Video Marketing, Image Marketing, Content Writing, SEM, SMM or more.

We are offering digital marketing opportunity on a live project for those students, Who are sober for learning and doing best in digital marketing. We have many experts with lots of experience, they will teach you about digital marketing tactics.

After taking this program, you will get a job in our company with all certificate also live project experience letter, or you will become a freelance, you will hire your project to the clients.

digital marketing trainer

Join us as a Digital Marketing Trainer

We will not give you the knowledge in a specific field like others. You will cover and learn all the things in a digital marketing specialty like how to do content marketing and how to do SEO, SMO, how to make the best photo’s to the help of photoshop, “If you learn more you will get more” according to us. In this program, you will do all the things on live projects.

You will learn new tactics on day to day and apply those things on the live project you will analyze the result, What you have done at the end build a dynamic portfolio of your all result’s.

What you will cover with us and what will be the benefits you will get after completing this course.

As we already tell you above about the benefits of digital marketing, digital marketing in high demand nowadays and everyone should work on the live project as compared to study theoretical any other institute’s.

We will give you all practical as well as theoretical knowledge, So you can improve your career as expect to others.

You will learn below mentioned thinks to our experts.

Offline and Online marketing fundamentals.

Offline and online marketing both are a very different field we will teach you both. We also introduce you about how to do work on B2B and B2C.

Content is the main roof for both marketing strategy if you plan well for the content you can do everything in marketing.

Social media optimization(SMO) & Social media marketing(SMM).

Both social media optimization(SMO) and social media marketing(SMM) is a different part, but the doing way for both are the same.

Social media marketing is a free thing which we do on social media channels, & social media marketing is another part where we run ads on social media channels.

Search engine optimization(SEO) & Search engine marketing(SEM).

Search:- Search means what we search on the google search page.
Engine:- How to Google spider run on google engine and crawl the site.
Optimization:- Optimization is another part of Google where we optimized our site technically or not technically.

Search engine optimization is a combination of three different things we have already mentioned above. We will explain this in our class once you join us, what is off page activity how to do, what is on page activity how to do each and everything.

Search engine marketing is also part of doing paid where we run add on google engine. We will tell you everything about this one in our class.

Email marketing.

You will learn lots of the things once you search in google about email marketing, but what about practical knowledge. We will give you all the knowledge well, we commonly use the MailChimp platform for doing email marketing and we will give all the information related to email marketing.

Google Search Console.

Have you heard about Google search console(google webmaster) no most of the people do not know about search console? We will teach you about what type of error google search console show and how we can resolve those errors.

Google Analytics.

Google analytics is also a platform provided by Google where we can see our website traffic. How people come to our site, what device they use when they stay on our website, what is the bounce rate for our website(about the bounce rate you will learn in class).

Importance of Video marketing and Content marketing?.

Video marketing and content marketing is very valuable for the future. If we talk about video marketing nowadays, According to Google 70% people today like the video as compared to reading content, but we also know without content no one can rank on google, Everyone has to need for a content writer for growing their website.

Conclusion :

Digital marketing is not a way so everyone can learn with the theory. Practical knowledge is the most important thing if you have decided to do work as a digital marketer Because if you have practical knowledge you can beat anyone.

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