Building Tools which make you Future-Ready

Exambuilder is cutting-edge online test software that helps educators, corporations, and other organizations expedite the exam process. Exambuilder in USA is the perfect solution for all your online test needs, with its simple exam development, secure proctoring, real-time reporting, user-friendly interface, and customizable branding.

Online Examination Platform In USA

● Set Up Your Courses And Exams In A Minute
● Monitor Your Learner’s Performance
● Live Virtual Classroom Software

Exambuilder in USA

A Suite Of Proctoring Tools

● Restricts Online Navigation
● Customisation Software to suit special needs
● Easy Integration
● Live Online Proctoring

Solution For Exam Evaluation and Management

● Well-Equipped Proctoring Tools
● Upload Various Types Of Exams
● Various Formats Of Questions
● Detailed Comprehensive Results

Exambuilder in USA

We Make Your Online Exams Secure, Easy To Conduct, Evaluate and Govern

Exambuilder in USA

Exam Governance

● Ensures Test Integrity

● Eliminates malpractices, impersonation and cheating

● Proctor monitors browser and reviews activities and ensures a safe examination experience.

Exambuilder in USA

Exam Scalability

● Fit for Weekly/Semester/Entrance Exams

● Suitable for School/Coaching/University

● Randomized question order

Exambuilder in USA

Easy ERP Integration

● Quick Data Sharing with ERP System

● ERP Integration with Live APIs

● Centralized exam data with ERP

Exambuilder in USA

Best-in-class Proctoring

● AI-based auto proctored test

● Anti-cheat feature

● Secure Browsers for High Stake Exams

Exambuilder in USA

Customizable Solutions

● Intuitive UX and Customizable UI

● Custom Learner Dashboard

● Create unique exams with custom settings

Exambuilder in USA

Impeccable Data Security

● High-Performance Managed Servers

● Premium Configuration of the Content Created

● Concealment of Student Data before Evaluation

We are ISO 27001 Certified and ISO9001 Certified
Localized data hosting for European servers
Secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services
We follow an Annual Vulnerability and Penetration Testing