How to prevent cheating in exams

By | 24/01/2019

How to prevent cheating in exams with online examination software


Hello folks, My dear Teacher’s and Students today in this article we will discuss, How we can prevent cheating in exams with online examination software in an examination hall also what is the importance of online exam software.

This article will take your 10 minutes for completing this But if you genuinely know about this, you should learn.

Let’s complete this article in 3 steps. The first one will be how students cheat in an exam then how we can prevent cheating in exams so students can’t cheat and grow there future.

In the end, We will discuss more what is the importance of online examination system.

Ok, Without wasting time lets cover up all the topics.

The founder of exams “Mr. Henry A. Fische” In November 1993 has started the examination system for the students so they can face the exam situation and feel self-confidence after getting a good result, But in this era, the exam is nothing for anyone because they can cheat easily.

If we talk about India, India’s ‘cheating mafia’ gets to work as school exam season hits. India has lots of cities, in cities have lots of villages which divided tier 1 or tier 2 and the interior where students easily cheat in the examination hall.

Nowadays students found lots of ways for cheating in exams. Students, as they know to cheat, is possible in the examination hall and that is not good for our growing generation this will create a severe impression on our engendering.

They lose their confidence level after some time when they go for the interview they never got the job. They never answer that question which they never learn in school, college study time.

how to prevent cheating in examination hall

There is another lot of way come to the market for helping the students, so they easily cheat in exams. Think If you still take exams for your students on white paper or we can say offline that will be more helpful for the students, so they easily cheat.

They copy the answer from their fellow friends who are sitting from left and right, or if they use digital things in doing cheating they can easily carry a mobile phone, electronics watch, xerox copy within geometry box or lots of ways they can easily use.

They can get a photo from outdoor friends and cheat easily, or they can easily talk about their outdoor friend via Bluetooth technique. We talk more about these topics, but I hope you gots lots of ways itself how students cheat in exams.

Now, lets discussed how to stop this.

So, cheating is a serious concern that penalized our society and the mind of the child. To prevent cheating in exams we mentioned some technique we can use below.

how to prevent cheating in exams

If we take exams online, people also use the internet for taking exams and if any of students carry the mobile device insight the examination hall that students will surely use electronics device( mobile phone),

but if you can use mobile phone jammer that will stop the one way for cheating in the examination hall but whats another offline ways. If you conduct offline exams in this digital era, you can use fiber cover cartoon with every bench where students take the exam,

But still, you think this will work for you.??? No never.!! So now the mobile phone is not a big problem for us that means the issue is conducting exams via offline.

Why not we switch on online and grow future of your students also develop your coaching and institutes with digitally.

Now let’s discuss more about how we can prevent cheating in exams via the digital system.

You should switch your method of conducting offline exams to the online exam because if you do this, not a single students will cheat in the exam from their fellow friends, who are sitting their left and right side.

Let’s discuss how you can switch your exam conducting way from offline to online without investing a single rupee.

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Why we should use online exam software and what will be the benefit for us.

how to prevent cheating in exams

So, with some past year experience and my work along with my team are extracted and figured it out, of one very important concept and that is why to use online examination tool for prevent cheating in exams.

So it’s back to test your student performance via report so that your students can perform better in coming examinations and competitive examinations. The online exam software is easy to nest to use from students to administrators who handle this software, this is very easy to work on it, and understanding UI design.

Any newcomer can start using this software you can become master within days and what about the design online examination software interface looks pretty well and very good on all devices like mobile phones tabs desktops laptops.

You can engage your audience and students on this exam software because of its unique features and due to its responsiveness. The best one is service provided by our side if you fail in any step when you configure this software our team will give full support for correcting them in the best manner through whats-app, email( which will provide to you via or side or you can also use your own ),

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