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A Technological Implementation for The Advancement of Examination Procedures.


Now a day’s Online Exam Software has become an important aspect to conduct any type of examination with the increasing demand of high-tech education system in many institutes and coaching classes so we are here for providing you the Best Online Exam Software in Lucknow.

Our mind is always retaining scope for new information and therefore it also holds the potential to learn more from many different sources. The examination system plays a vital role in quantifying that potential of a person in any field.

Pesofts has come up with a software where the examination proctoring along with entire examination management process can be easily done. The test can easily be created and conducted online or offline.

It provides flexible, user-friendly environment to accomplish examination procedure therefore Pesofts Online Exam Software In Lucknow is included by many coaching classes and institutes.

Pesofts is a step towards the augmentation of examination methodology. It has reduced the effort required in the traditional examination method by providing some automatic features from creating a test to generate the result.

“Education is a path to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who work for it today” and you can only walk along with this path if you match up with the speed of the fast-growing technology, Pesofts is a contribution and proven itself as a helping hand for many institutes.

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Some aspects of the utilizing online examination software in lucknow

  • Pesofts serves automated, paperless and timer based platform to conduct any test.
  • It offers best, reliable and high-speed system.
  • The exam can easily be created by selecting the questions as per the requirement.
  • Candidates can also appear in the test through the mobile app facility provided by Pesofts.

So, why think twice? Immediately make Pesofts a part of your institute to enhance the examination procedure.