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Specific Criteria Needed For The National Exam Software


The advent of technological advancements over the years have lead to a shift in the education systems from traditional exams to e classes as well as online learning. The involvement of online examination software has resulted in the transformation of the mode of conducting even the exams at the national level.

In 1993 GRE was the first computer-based exam which was followed by GMAT in 1997, CAT in 2009, GATE in 2014 as well as CSIR UGC NET Exam that entered the domain in December 2019.

Specific Criteria Needed For The National Exam Software

This shift was a result of the various advantages that online exam software offered through online exams as compared to the offline exams. Some of them were easy navigation of the question paper, ease in the way of changing the answers as well as the provision of test clock for keeping the track of the time left.

All of this has been possible because of national-level exam software and the article below deals in detail with the necessary specifications. But before proceeding further with the specifications, let us first understand the concept of national exam software.

National Exam Software- What Is It?

National exam software is an online assessment software that has made it possible to conduct national level exams such as GRE, GMAT, CAT, GATE, CSIR UGC NET Exam online on the computer instead of pen-paper.

Specifications Of A National Exam Software

To be fit for being used for conducting an exam at the national level, online exam software should have the following features:

Provision to Let The Candidates Register Online

Exam software must have the provision of providing a feature by which the candidates can register online. The students appearing for the exam should have the option to provide their demographic details, choose their examinations, select the exam slot timings as well as make payments either through payment gateways or demand drafts.

Immediate Result Generation

The system should be able to provide results instantly as soon as the exam is completed. This is beneficial for the assessment holding bodies as well as the students. First of all instant generation reduces the administrative burden and saves the cost of the universities. It also reduces the anxiety amongst all those who appear for the test.

Automatic generation of question paper by the system using input criteria like subject, number of questions and difficulty level

An ideal national exam software gives the users an authority to manage the various types of questions along with giving a detailed overview. The users should get an opportunity to upload images, frame complex questions that support multi-language inputs. It should also have a question entry as well as a verification system that allows the users to enter questions of various subjects under various subject headings as well as subsequent verification of those questions.

24*7*365 Support For All The Exam Related Queries

One of the most crucial specifications of this software should be its ability to provide 24*7*365 support in case of any query or problem. The support system should be efficient enough to resolve the query of the test givers in a jiffy.

Ability to present the question paper to the candidate as well as capture the response submitted, An online classroom recording software used for conducting the national level assessments should support the static as well as an adaptive mode of examination. The users should have the authority to present the question papers to candidates as well as capture the response submitted by the candidates.

Highly fail-safe with the ability to resume exam on the last saved state

Different levels of users should have different levels of access that gives an assurance to them that the content cannot be altered or viewed by unauthorized users. The admins should be able to limit the accessibility of testing as well as certification of materials by either setting IP ranges or requiring an invitation to access the content. The software should provide an end to end security due to the encryption of question papers.

Automatic generation Of Admit Cards

An ideal software has the feature of automatic admit card generation. This is very crucial as the burden of the exam conducting agencies is reduced when their responsibility of distributing admit cards is shared by the software.

The Final Thought

Thus for conducting a national exam successfully, any software must have the features discussed above. We at pesofts offer affordable national exam software that has all the essential features that make it convenient for all the teachers as well as students to prefer online mode of assessment as compared to the online mode.

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