Best Online Teaching App & Software In Delhi

What Is An Online Teaching App & Software?

Education is considered as a combined effort of parents, students, teachers and community who work together. There should be a group of like-minded people such as Pesofts who work to bring this change with the help of an online teaching app in Delhi.

We at Pesofts believe in the power of Knowledge and to provide students with the most convenient, accessible as well as cost-effective way possible to learn via technology we have developed the best virtual teaching app.

Designed to provide educational pathways leading to basic and applied knowledge in education, online teaching app enables live tutoring sessions between students and teachers. Through this medium, they can understand each concept in depth, clarify their doubts, watch curated videos, solve gamified content and get an opportunity to explore a new world of learning.

With an online coaching software, you can chat with the parents of all the students enrolled in your virtual classroom anytime, anywhere and also have the option of disabling chat when you’re busy.

Features Of Online Teaching App & Web Software System

With the motive to inspire passion for learning and keeping in mind all the struggles of a teacher, our highly qualified team of developers have incorporated these features in our online coaching app.

Works On Any Device

AYou and your students need not specifically use a device when accessing this online teaching coaching app.

Live Tutoring

A teacher can take an online class and teach thousands of students simultaneously via live class feature.

Privacy Control

Control & Choose your content viewership by allowing from addmin you can view your content and who cannot.

Data Security

Do not worry about your app being hacked as your data is secured using SSL AES 256-bit encryption.

Create Unique Content

While teaching create engaging content by using various teaching modes.

Track Students Performace

Know the strength and weaknesses of students by uploading practice questions in the form of tests.

Smart Attendance

Keep yourself and parents updated with their ward’s live attendance as well as monthly reports.

Query Management

Track every visitor so that every student enquiry can be answered or monitored instantly.

Online teaching app in Delhi is the new way of learning and at pesofts, our customers are our foremost priority. While designing this coaching app for online teaching we do not leave any efforts in making their lives awesome by incorporating all the features that are needed to promote seamless online learning.

online Teaching App & Software

FAQ For Online Coaching Application & Software

Q. ✔️ Is it possible for me to take live classes for unlimited students?
Ans. Yes. With our online coaching app, you can easily take live classes without any tension of any restrictions on the number of students joining in a particular session.
Q. ✔️ Can I Send Notifications And Alerts To The Students?
Ans. While teaching online, you can send notifications and alerts for students as well as parents for various dates, the announcement of classes, as well as other things to keep the students informed in real-time.
Q. ✔️ Can I Create Other Forms Of Tests So That The Students Can Practice?
Ans. You can also create a video, practice question bank, summary as well as anchor charts that can be downloaded to enable the students to practice and revise at their own pace anytime.
Q. ✔️ Can I Take First Free Demo/Trial Before purchasing the software?
Ans. Yes, at pesofts you can take a free trial with our online teaching software. We can set up your branding at the demo trial and will provide all the required premium support. After you are satisfied with our app, you can buy a premium plan.
Q. ✔️ Can I Share The Automated Reports With Parents Also?
Ans. Yes, even the parents get a complete report after each class and each unit which also aids them in understanding the performance of their kids and focus on the areas that need improvement.
Q. ✔️ Can I give a demo to the students before they subscribe to my course?
Ans. Before the students subscribe to your app, they would want to see a demo of the same. With the free trial for online teaching software, you can create short term batches so that the students get to know about your expertise which ultimately helps you to earn more.
Q. ✔️ Is It Necessary To Swipe My Debit/Credit Card For The Trial Period?
Ans. You do not have to use any debit/credit card for the trial period.
Q. ✔️ Can I Manage My Batches Easily?
Ans. The software provides you with another feature of batch management where you can create your running/ upcoming batches as well as give the students the ease to join you in a single click.
Q. ✔️ Is The Online Coaching App Safe?
Ans. You do not have to worry about your app being hacked. We have a global clientele and they trust us from the inception of the contract. We do not leak any data as the security of our clients is our topmost priority.