Examen is providing cutting edge software of pesofts for helping Institute to conduct important Online Exam like the regular test, live test and scholarship test.





Same user-friendly interface like web portal with payment gateway integration to give test from any location




To have admission fee online, sell the test online which can save your time and enhance the security during the transaction.



What Pesofts Has to Offer?

Find out why one should opt for pesofts for online Test platform.

No Payment Gateway

There was no way for accepting payments online.

online exam software

Poor Frontend with high Cost

User had to invest a lot to get a design with less features.

Manual Uploading
Had to manually uplaod questions.

Payment Gateway

With pesofts accept payment fees online.

online exam software

Good Frontend with low Cost

User can get more features and facilities with paying less.

Auto Uploading
Software does everything now even uploading.

We Offer our services to?

Find out why one should opt for pesofts for online exam software.



Online Test Software

For coaching institutes




Online Live Tests

Conducting live tests efficiently.




Online Scholarship Tests

For Coaching institutes


Case Studies of some of our famous clients

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Online Examination Software

Augmentation to examination approach

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Online Examination Software

Augmentation to examination approach

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Know More About Us

Find out why one should opt for pesofts for online exam software.

Pesofts is established in 2013, begun by the IITians in order to assist technology to educators and Institutions. Now it is a segment of “Trigredge Solutions Pvt Ltd” which provides Online Test Software and Video platform to coaching industries. Its services are mainly used for regular test conduct, placement exams, scholarship exams, hiring exams and live test in coaching, college and skill development industries.


Time is a primary factor for each client and, our Online Examination System has the feature of maintaining the major things within a minor time and tells a student scorecard, balanced scorecard with toppers, percentile, observing individual subjects scores and these help learners to better their results day by day.


Pesofts providing you the best highly secure, robust, and student understanding software so the student can manage each and everything easily within a less time with according to your features. We have a best excellent team for supporting your minor query at any time and a very responsive for making Online Examination System, Online Test Software and Online Exam Software and also introducing the factors like How To Conduct Online Exam what will be the genuine Online Exam Software Price and also introducing about Online Exam Software Demo. You can also learn about Feature of Online Examination SystemTest Software and Online Exam Software just click on link you will redirect to our feature page.


We have a very large market share in Delhi NCR region for providing Online Exam Software. It is an exam software which is used by larger coaching institutes those conduct online exams like SSC, BANK PO, GATE and IIT JEE. It has client list like Kd Campus, Gate Academy, Career Endeavour, Pinnacle, and Chanakya and many more.