We are making and managing Online Examination System with many options


Conduct any  Exam with our Online Test Software, Exam Conducting Software for Coachings, Colleges, Institutes, Banks and Corporate Sectors.


Examen is providing cutting-edge software for helping Institute to conduct important Exams like UPSC, GATE, AIIMS, ALL SSC EXAMS, RRB JE, IBPS or Corporate level other Exams.


A same user-friendly interface like a web portal with payment gateway integration, to give Online Exam from any location with our responsive mobile app.


Take a scholarship test at any time, So the teachers also watch the performance of there students and give them a scholarship accordingly.


Anyone can check and testing the software at any time, also conduct live test efficiently with the help of our best AI support software and team.


Anyone can pay the payment online, easily sell the test which can save your time and enhance the security during the transaction.

We had changed lots of things in our online exam software

No Payment Gateway
There was an only way for accepting payments offline.

online exam software before

Poor Frontend with high Cost
The user had to invest a lot to get a design with fewer features.

Manual Uploading
Had to manually upload questions.
Included Payment Gateway
Thanks For Our Clients Now we accept payment online also.

online exam software now

Good Frontend with Low Cost
The user can get more features and facilities with paying less.

Auto Uploading
Software does everything now even uploading questions.

Support & Service Provided by us for Managing Students Online Examination System

What Support Provide By Us To Our All Members

  • Full 365*24*7 support with our great unit members.
  • We will maintain all exams questions easily.
  • Schedule an exam at any time.
  • Integrate exams via Email and SMS for the client.
  • Advance important question provides by us.
  • Help for uploading question with Microsoft.
  • Exam Monitoring with our team.
  • Without hesitation support for the Manageable price.
  • Manage Question Banks.
  • Attractive UI theme for the students.
  • Helping For Evaluating student’s knowledge.

What Services Provided By Us To Our All Members

  • Provide exams test creator software.
  • More question provide with our expert professors.
  • Offline assessment.
  • Manageable cost.
  • Manageable unique exam creator test panel.
  • Advance theme builder anyone can build and choose any theme.
  • The login registration page for checking student performance.
  • Detail analysis.
  • Support 365*24*7.
  • Integrate notification with email, WhatsApp group and according to the client requirement.

Our Best Client’s

    • kd campus
    • career
    • Pinnacle
    • gate academy
    • goal academy

What Client Say About Us

kanchan Thakur IES

Mr. Kanchan Thakur

IES Master

Pesofts is revolutionizing the platform of exams creating and testing software, mobile app. Theirs focused only on marketing-oriented software making for education sectors.

Mukesh Kumar Career

Mr. Mukesh Kumar


I switched the pesofts and were surprised because really they handle and manage very easily my Online Examination System and also the best supported by them and their team, and the last one product features for coaching institutes great.

Desh Raj Chanakya

Mr. Desh Raj

Chanakya Academy

These guys have extremely focused on the education sector. Hoping to see innovation in online exam process through them. Pesofts have the Best Online examination software Best of luck too.

Know More About Our Ultimate Online Test Software

Online Test Software or Online Exam Software is a software for helping them, who want to conduct, online exams, like UPSC, GATE, AIIMS, ALL EXAM UNDER SSC, JEE (MAINS, ADVANCED), RRB JE, IBPS, CORPORATE RECRUITMENT, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES EXAM or Many more.

Test software can be used by all educational institutions. So they can conduct their Computer-based test(CBT) and can grow their business, Protect and Secure of their students data also tests, whenever they use to test software with us.

Pesofts providing the Ultimate Online Test Software with the unique feature enabled or Advance Online Exam Software which is most secure, robust and student-friendly software that keeps the data stored for the longest time and an authorized person can log in with their unique details.

Importance of Exam Conducting software?

The Internet has disrupted all the services sector very largely. But if we say education, there has not been any company who has come up with a solid recommendation.

It’s helping the student as you go to this online educational company or institute. Then you don’t have to worry about anything, but no internet company was able to do that.

Secondary, education is not only to learn the concept it is very diverse, but you also need to take care of various thing if you are taking responsibility for the education.

In the classroom pretty people learn from one another. This makes viable and making it strong feedback.

But, it will surely help and provide training in the management and efficiency of a child. Technology is going to take care a few parts of education.

Online Examination System is needful for more educators who understand technology so every teacher can guide effectively to students. We need more management and content, So we can create and design awesome to educate them.

What are the best Features included in Online Test Software CRM?

We have included in our Test Software most Unique technique, with understanding client requirements like uploading needful Question Papers, Question banks With Particular Subject and Video platform.

Because every Educational institution needs to educate its students advance technique, with the feature of maintaining the things on time and represents student report containing overall details.

online examination software feature

If you think supporting a language when uploading questions is a very tough task. No, we have made or make our online exam software with AI supportable, So anyone can upload any type of language supporting question paper. like Hindi(हिंदी), Punjabi(ਪੰਜਾਬੀ), Gujarati(ગુજરાતી), Maithili(മൈഥിലി), Bengali(বাঙালি), English, Tamil(தமிழ்), Kannada(ಕನ್ನಡ), Sanskrit, Telugu(తెలుగు), Malayalam(മലയാളം), Urdu(اردو), Sindhi(نڌي), Hindustani or More languages.

Yeah, I know at the end this one always wants everyone from online test software provider company, Yes, we have a most excellent team for Providing you the 365*24*7 fully support and service for the Free Online Examination Software Demo and also Premium Online Test Software Price.

Our support team also introduce you about software detail and also give training you to the factors like how to Conduct Exams also how to register/create an exam in online test software. what will be the genuine Online Examination Software Price.

You can also learn more about, what is Best Examination System, Online Exams Software and how you can get free online examination system demo for testing the software. Just clicks on the given black link hover and, you will be redirected to a particular page.

What we think for the students.?

A computer is a machine which never stops until we provide it with electricity and maintenance, but students get tired, so to entertained there mind we have implemented the most unique features in exam software.

The features are extremely simple, flexible and attractive for the students. They can take the test of quiz gaming and check the IQ of himself and also they can increase the IQ.

The difficulty of quiz gaming increase with the steps cleared by the students, the students get the great learning experience with this software and develop their future.

In the market, there is plenty of options for Online Examination software, where they will not be able to provide you with pesofts feature like providing questions banks.

They charge you more than us, as you can google out and compare. But pesofts provide you the best feature included software that you need for your students and their overall growth at a moderate price also a free software demo so you can make your own software also.

We have some major client they believe in us with many years just like Kd Campus, Goal institute, Gate Academy, Career Endeavour, Pinnacle, Chanakya and more.

Who Invented this Pesofts and why.?

Pesofts established in the year 2013, by the IITians with Online Exam Conducting Companies In India in order to assist technology to educators and Institutions with providing Online Exams Software In India and we have trust on us and we are an excellent software maker company.

Now it is a segment of “Trigredge Solutions Pvt Ltd” which is also a software panel providing company. if you learn more about us just click.

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