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In this article, we are going to talk about the IBPS(Institue of banking personnel selection) exam pattern, examination mode and ibps online exam software which is used in for conducting this examination.

Ibps po exams is a popular exam for recruitment in banks. This exam is a very secure exam in terms of security. No one can cheat on this exam because it conducted on online through (ibps online exam software). Every bank considers ibps score for recruiting employees for their bank and take the interview accordingly.

Most of the students start preparing for this exam because the jobs in Indian banks is quite good with the best affordable salary they provide to their PO employees. If students get good rank in this exam, they can easily get selected for on any of bank after completion of an interview. TCS is organizing partner for conducting these exams. They always conduct most of the exams on very secure ibps online exams software.

We are also providing the same interface online exam conducting software to the coaching or institutes with a unique feature. We also offer free online exam software demo so anyone can check this software interface. If you are coaching or educational institute and also searching for a particular vendor for taking exams and managing online examination system for your students so your students can understand ibps online exam software and excel in upcoming online examinations, You should have to go with

Ibps exams have 3 stage’s of the examination system process, The first one pre-exam and then main exam after clearing two the last one is the interview part. Lets discussed each one step by step.

ibps online exam software

Stage -1: ibps pre-exam.

Ibps Pre-exam has 1 hour examination time, has 35 questions for reasoning, 35 questions for mathematics and the 30 questions for the English Subject. It also has two interfaces, The one interface is mainly for those students who do not want to conduct an English exam, they can switch language and convert paper into the Hindi language, another vice versa.

Stage -2: ibps main exam.

After completing the stage now let’s discuss next once the number of students clear the pre-exam they an appear for main exams and can sit for mains. In the main exams, the total number of question is 155 and the total time 3hours. The total number for reasoning, Computer question increase on the main exam as compared to pre-exam, now this will be 45 and the total number of question for the English language will be 35, for data analysis that will be 35 questions, and the last one general awareness is 40 questions.

Let’s understand the exam and timing process provided by IBPS software, Let’s take an example for this.

Once you sit in the exam hall for taking an exam the first exam will open for the aptitude and reasoning you can’t skip the 1st exam before completing the total timing that will be 60minute. Once the 60minute complete the next exam(English) will open automatically pops up and you can start for this one.

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Stage -3: Interview Part.

The last one is everyone’s dream for facing this, Once you complete the main exam you can eligible for facing interview for the banking seats. This one no one knows how much time they use for interviewing the Particular candidate, Once they satisfied you are eligible they will announce the result in which your name will appear. And yes! you are selected.


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