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Online Examination Management System

Online Exam Management System – To Conduct The Online Exams In A Single Platform


Create Online Exams

Easily create online exams on your own by adding a questions either automatically or manually in one go. Set necessary examination requirements such as time limits within which the students have to complete the test, etc.

Conduct Online Exams

While the students take the online exam and Online Test, they must undergo identity authentication pre and during the exam. The proctor prevents students from resorting to unfair means strictly prohibited during the online exam.

AI Proctoring Exam

Online Invigilation & Proctoring AI-enabled automated proctoring as well as active human monitoring and intervention. This all in one solution consists of all the features of an online exam software and enables you to deter cheating.

Evaluate & Formulate Results

Post the exam; the online exam management software evaluates the students’ answer sheets with Solution. It prepares results in a detailed format highlighting all the students’ essential aspects and compares them to the topper performance.

Exam Management System Gives Educational Institutions Control To Govern Online Exams


Pesoft’s exam management system is capable enough to manage any number of students taking exams at a particular time. The software is scalable enough to manage a load of students without crashing even once.

Easy Payments

online exam management system to the easy payments for its customers. When students purchase paid course on your exam management system, they can pay through multiple modes likes UPI, Credit and Debit Card etc.

Data Security

Our software’s impeccable data security secures all the data and information stored by educational institutions in the system. We are also providing the best protection for your lecture no anyone Download.

24*7 Support

Are you stuck in the middle of creating an online exam or while taking an online exam? Pesofts designated team is there to be by your side at every step to ensure that your experience of taking the exam is smooth.

Why Should You Use Pesofts Online Exam Management System

Well Equipped Proctoring Tools

Well Equipped Proctoring Tools

The online exam management system by Pesofts provides three steps of students authentication to verify students’ identity, secure browser during the exam, and different types of proctoring such as life, automated, and human proctoring.

Upload Various Types Of Exams

Pesofts online exam management system gives educational institutions such as coaching institutes to assess students online, but they can also upload online mock tests that students can purchase.

Upload Various Types Of Exams
Various Formats Of Questions

Various Formats Of Questions

Our management system does not limit asking questions and the online exam allows them to add questions of various types to the question paper. We also have question banks of multiple subjects, which makes it easy for you to make your exam challenging for the students.

Detailed Comprehensive Results

After students complete the exam, the management system for the online exam evaluates the answer sheets without the aid of an invigilator. The system also produces detailed, comprehensive results on different aspects.

Detailed Comprehensive Results

Pesofts Online Exam Management System Is One Stop For All The Educational Institutions With Different Types Of Examination Needs Online exams are here to stay and ensure continuity of the same and seamless conduction of these exams. It is imperative to have an online exam management system.

FAQ For Online Coaching Application

Examination Management System

Ans. ✔️ With an Online Exam Management System, educational institutes such as schools, universities, and coaching institutes can evaluate students by conducting assessments online with computers and the internet.
Ans. ✔️ With online exam management software, the educational institutes get the following benefits:
1. No scope of human errors coupled with a reduced workload for the teachers as well as administration
2. Students can conveniently learn by giving exams in remote locations
3. Proctor maintains examination integrity and eliminates the scope to cheat or for malpractices
Ans. ✔️ Every educational institute should prefer Pesoft’s online exam management software for the following reasons:
1. Easy To Use
2. Scalable and Seamless
3. Easy payment
4. Equipped with anti-cheating methods capable to function on low bandwidth
5. It Easily supports various types questions