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Online Exam Software price with & without customization panel

Online Exam Software Price

30 Students.
₹ 0 .
  • ✓ Unlimited Test
  • ✓ Report for 50 Attempt
  • ✓ Candidate Login Panel
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50 Students.
₹ 3,000/Yr. $ 44/Yr.
  • ✓ Unlimited Test
  • ✓ Exam Scheduling
  • ✓ Payment Gateway
  • ✓ Coupon Apply Facility
  • Free TrialBuy Now
100 Students.
₹ 5,000/Yr. $ 73/Yr.
  • ✓ Unlimited Test
  • ✓ Exam Scheduling
  • ✓ Payment Gateway
  • ✓ 1 Admin Panel
  • ✓ Monetize Test
  • Free TrialBuy Now
250 Students.
₹ 10,000/Year. $ 145/Yr.
  • ✓ Unlimited Test
  • ✓ Exam Scheduling
  • ✓ Payment Gateway
  • ✓ 2 Admin Panel
  • ✓ Monetize Test
  • ✓ Std. Token Apply Facility
  • Free TrialBuy Now
Unlimited Students.
Custom Dashboard.
  • ✓ Custom Dashboard
  • ✓ Lve Class Record Software
  • ✓ Unlimited Test
  • ✓ Exam Scheduling
  • ✓ Unlimited Admin Panel
  • ✓ Payment Gateway
  • ✓ Coupon Apply Facility
  • ✓ Monetize Test
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Nowadays, there are lots of institutions and teachers who need online exam software to conduct exams. As demand has been increased then there are also too many of provider popped into the market. We have two types of online exam software price, Lets Discusses each, What we are providing and what will be the Online Exam Software price for both versions.

We have a two version the first version is a little bit costly because It customized according to the client. But in the second one, this will not happen. Most of the people like corporate sectors and colleges get from us first version because they want customization. Rather a second one.

But mostly we Suggest second one option for the coaching centres and students because they have a limited budget and limited students. In Second one no one can manage the system they should use the same front end design like others after registration with a unique email.

We are mentioning both versions price below you can check and choose accordingly. Now there is various confusion going into the market about an Online Exam Software Price.

Pesofts is an exam software provider company with many years of experience in this field we provide software and mainly focus on main thinks like best services, create tests, define instructions, assign assessments, anti-cheat settings, and depth reports. Pesofts provided the best Online Exam Software with the very responsive panel which is very understandable and self-manageable so anyone can manage the system.

We have the most responsive team for discussing to the client each minor issue and resolve as soon as possible all the issues with the best satisfaction because we believe in service, not the money. We have mentioned some features for our great customers so everyone can see about our software system.

✓ Simplified and Experience:

As it can be simplified into too much extent, if you buy software from a reputed brand then you going to pay more. But you can save a lot of money in uploading and support as they are gonna give the best experience.

✓ Security:

It is also a factor, you don’t want to get theft all your data. In India more then 1000 client trust on us. We never reveal any data to another one.

✓ No of a student participating in a particular time:

Many of institution prefer to conduct the live test. In this format, no of visitor going to increase at the point as it is going to very large ram. so if you are thinking of live test then its price gonna simply go high.

✓ Backups:

Backups are very important Because it is a labor of student for a year, their all data and performance and important question is saved in this software.

So basically you do not want to lose this. If the provider keeps database backup then probably you gonna pay little more money.