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Computer Based Test Software is a methodology for conducting students online and offline exams at any time from anywhere at any cost, or if there is no power in your conducting exam placement or testing examination hall. We have built our computer based test software with a unique feature enabled like responsive, secure and customizable at any time.

Lets first discussed what is CBT Procedure and what is online test taker panel, and then how can grow anyone their an organization with this.

Nowadays everyone needs an online examination system for giving exam on the Computer Based Test. CBT is the methodology for taking exams on the computer with the help of a mouse and keyboard. The taking test on computer or desktop is called CBT system. It has become an essential part of the education system while educating children due to simple, low costing and quick analysis of the result.

The computer based test system is built with the help of many languages or after writing no. of lines of codes. The question appears one by one automatically, after choosing an option by the students. Its have enabled option like the timer for controlling the time when many students take a test on the CBT system they never bother with this.

Now the question is what the things need for taking the CBT system.??

The first one is a computer or desktop, Yes this is the first thing you should have. When you take the exam online through the online testing system. The next one is you will need any software vendor or online exam software provider who has more knowledge in this sector with many year experiences. Once you take the exam conducting software the next things is installing software on every computer, where you want to take the test for your students.

Our core focus is towards exam automation for which, We provide all types of possible solutions through our products, for the examination process. Our products can take care of the entire process from the generation of question papers to final mark list.

There exists a cut- throat completion in the field of education, and the only way to beat the competition is by persistent hard work along with practice.

Computer Based Test Software

Practice reduces error, improves performance and helps bridge the gap between the dreams and reality of a student. Online Test Taker Panel enables aspirants to practice anywhere and anytime.

Computer Based Test Software is helping to arrange lots of things in general, Online Test taker panel Software asserts the examination procedure by putting together an accuracy and hassle-free framework.

Ohhh sorry let’s come back to the point, after inserting the software on the computer, the next thing is inserting a question for your students. You should upload that question which you want to show for your students. You can upload question by yourself with excel formate or we can help for uploading. Now all things are set students can take the test at any time after giving test student submit the test when test time is over.

Computer Based Test Software is helping to arrange lots of things in general, Online Test Taker Panel asserts the examination procedure by putting together an accuracy and hassle-free framework.

All these things help to ascertain the enhancement of the performance of students With computer based test software.

  •   Conduct exam online on the Internet or offline on the local network.
  •   Pesofts give best Computer Based Exam Software which is more scalable, more reliable and very low in cost.
  • Anyone can create a test at any time with Online Test taker Panel.
  •   People have full control so they can sell the test to anyone at any time.
  •   Full support 24/7 to the support team.

All the above factors together decide the reliability factor for the Online Test Taker Panel. It is always good to check out the demo provided by them.

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Choosing the right partner for this task can enhance the quality of your testing by manifolds. Pesofts provides a white-label exam solution to institutions who wish to take the plunge and make education better.

Feature WIth Computer Based Test Software

Fast, Safe & Secure

Our platform is fast in speed and Data is kept safe and secure.

Online & Offline

Conduct exam online on the Internet or offline on a local network.

More in Low cost

Pesofts is more scalable, more reliable and is very low in cost.

All Questions types

Can create a test of any type of questions for any type of exam.

Sell Tests online

Sell your test package an online using Debit/Credit cards or Token systems.

24/7 Help & Support

24/7 Phone, TeamViewer support for any type of help.