Make communication to the students for making trust

Continuous and interactive communication with students aids in providing effective testing.
Our online examination software makes communication with test takers and online learners
easy. You can also send personalized SMS to the candidates regarding their login details (
username and passwords) and exam details. Our exam software with 24*7 support enables
you to print PDF reports.

View applied tests

View tests and applied tests

The test takers can view all the new tests added by Admin for each subject and can
also apply for the test. They can also view the number of applied tests along with
exam details.

View announcement

make announcement

Our online examination software enables the test takers to view all the important
announcements on the portal’s front page.

Integrate email, mess.

Personalised and integrated message and emails

Send integrated SMS and emails to keep the registered candidates and students
informed about their status of learning, a number of pending online quiz and
assessment, examination results, reports, certificates, files and notifications in just no

Login registration page

login and registration easy

Login registration page tool enables you to check student’s performance.