Exam Software – With Proctoring Feature, Conduct Online Exams.

Pesofts is a leading provider of online exam software for all the competitive entrance exams ranging from NEET-UG to NEET PG to IIT Mains, Advance , etc. In our software one would find everything that is required to conduct NEET exams seamlessly without any hassle. At Pesofts we understand the importance of time for every entrepreneur. We have thus prepared the best NEET online exam software to enable every coaching institute & educational institution to conduct online NEET practice exams & making the process of evaluation automatic.

Top Features of Pesofts NEET Online Exam Software

User Friendly

Understanding how to use this software is not difficult. With its user-friendlyness, Anyone without any technical understanding can use it.

Guaranteed Low Cost

We give a customer to guaranty for providing neet online exam software at lowest cost which you want, Take software for monthly or yearly basic.

Free Demo First

We gives first free demo of our exam software, So our customer knows better our software before buying it and after we provide full training.

Cheat Free Exams

With a great support we also provides cheat free online examination of your students with proctoring features inbuilded in our software.

Best Support

With the software we also gives a best support to our customer for 24*7 with whatsapp and email support which is depend on customer wants.

Inbuild Payment Gateway:

Whenever the students purchase any test package from a website, the inbuild payment gateway automatically directs them to options for payment.

White Label Branding

In online exam software, the branding of Pesofts is not visible anywhere. You can create your own test packages with your own branding.

Responsive Web/App

Our responsive enough to work well on all devices from Laptop to a mobile phone to a desktop and on all operating systems (both Android & iOS).

There Is Lots Of Other Solution You Will Gets With NEET Exam Software

Teachers Get Superpower with Online Exam Software! The fact that everything is automatic & can be done in the blink of an eye gives you the feel of having a 24×7 Personal Educational Assistant To entirely focus on teaching & improving the performance of students in NEET, Individual teachers or educational institutions of all scales can use Pesofts NEET online exam software.
Creating Customised Exam Is Just A Few Clicks Away: Users can create new tests, test packages of any topic or course with the click of a button. All they have to do is fill in the important instructions such as duration of the test, start time of test, etc, import questions either automatically or manually & select on create test.
Analyzed Results That Help Students Perform: Based on the test results, our software identifies the strong & weak areas of every student & automatically selects future tests to be attempted by students on their weak areas.
Any Format of Questions: From MCQ single answer to MCQ multiple answers to DTQ integer type answers to PTQ passage type answers to Matrix Match and Range Based Questions, you can create & upload any format of the question.
Analyzed Reports That Educates Teachers: Our NEET online assessment software creates & sends analyzed reports to the teachers & parents of every student. This helps them to keep an eye on the student’s performance.
With our NEET online exam software, in this modern era of education, students get a rich experience that helps them to do wonders in their main exam.

FAQ For NEET Online Exam Software

Q. ✔️ Can I Schedule Students Online Exams?
Ans. Yes.! In Our Online Teaching App, You Can Go Schedule a Students Test For Any Days.
Q. ✔️ Can I Check Highet Score Like AIR For My Students In Software?
Ans. Yes.! We Have a Feature Where You Can Compare Students Result & Check Out Topper Result.
Q. ✔️ How To Upload Question & Answer In Software?
Ans. You Can Upload Question Through page Builder or Doc File With The Help Of Equations.