PESOFTS – Regular online tests

“Education is the most effective way to deal with the world” and Pesofts is the result of deep research and advancement in the education sector. Pesofts was launched in the year of 2014 and come across a long way of success during education enhancement journey. Pesofts is a company that provides online exam software, harnessed with the efficient and striving team of the people from IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Delhi.

What is Regular Test?

The regular test is conducted when institutions want their student to do practice for the syllabus. many institutions prefer to conduct chapter wise test and full test for training student for their actual exam.


Why Regular Test?

Regular online test makes the student proficient in training for course wise as well as for actual exam. Lots of question-solving makes student confident in learning.


How a Regular Test is done?

This is done by our software very effectively. We actually give the option to teacher and students or student set the required no of the test in backend and schedule test by setting their time and date. Tests pack of tests can be activated by admin, token or payment gateway after paying for tests.