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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Teacher?

The role of a teacher goes far beyond what many people believe – that is, just sharing knowledge. Educators are the foundation of the system; they should serve as facilitators and leaders of learning. A good teacher should establish an organized setting to enable students learn different subjects.

10 Online Tips to Market a Smaller Schools

In addition to standard marketing strategies like emphasizing special offers and community involvement, these institutions must foster an innovative and flexible culture. Adopting contemporary teaching techniques and technology can improve student learning and show a school’s dedication to remaining relevant in the quickly changing educational scene

Benefits of Building Classroom Community

A vibrant classroom community also embraces diversity. Students get an appreciation for other origins, viewpoints, and pedagogical approaches. They gain skills in active listening, constructive dispute resolution, and meaningful group project participation.


CHAT GPT FOR Educators: 10 WAYS TO USE CHAT GPT Education is rapidly evolving. Online courses have replaced traditional classroom instruction, and now there’s a brand-new option called ChatGPT. But do you believe that instructors can make use of ChatGPT? Is there a ChatGPT for educators?  Have you ever wished you had someone who could… Read More »

Remedial Teaching Strategies & Tips

Remedial teaching is a specialist educational approach created to address the specific learning needs of students experiencing academic challenges. It comprises identifying the particular learning gaps, weaknesses, or challenges that each student faces and implementing interventions that are specifically designed to help them get over these obstacles

Mastering Micro-Teaching Skills: A Comprehensive Guide

Microteaching is a trainer education technique that allows the teacher to apply well-defined teaching skills to a carefully prepared lesson in a planned series of five to ten minutes encounters with a small group of real classroom students often with an opportunity to observe the performance on videotape