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How to Make Online Quiz Test

A quiz maker software is an advanced tool to ease the test creation process. The software automates test management and administration with its basic and advanced features. Online Quiz Test can be customized to suit the curriculum and the software autogenerates detailed results for every test-taker.

Future of Education: Teaching Maxims

Maxims of teaching are the universal facts that the teachers learn through their experience. These facts guide them to become systematic and efficient in their profession. It is imperative to have specific rules, ethics, codes, and boundaries to ensure fairness and trust while teaching. 

The Best Lms Software In India: The Future of Learning

A learning management system is software designed to manage, deliver, and track educational courses, training programs, and learning activities. LMS holds immense potential and is gaining importance in India because it addresses challenges related to affordability, scalability, and accessibility in the education sector.

Interactive Quiz Software: A Powerful Tool for Engagement and Learning

Interactive quiz software is software that allows users to create and administer quizzes, and questionnaires, and efficiently manage the quiz-taking process. Users can add various types of questions like multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, multimedia content such as images, audio or video clips and scoring systems to enhance the learning experience.

What is AI-based remote proctoring

What is AI-Based Remote Proctoring? To ensure the integrity of the assessment process, artificial intelligence technologies are used to monitor examinations. This is called AI-based remote proctoring. It can detect any suspicious activity and unauthorized behavior. Test takers can take the exam from anywhere using their computers. AI technology uses computer vision, facial recognition and… Read More »