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Online Learning Tools A Saviour During Coronavirus

The illness caused by the new coronavirus has resulted in the declaration of a global emergency by the World Health Organisation. Till date, more than 1,00,000 cases have been reported worldwide, and new cases are being identified daily by various countries. Its spread has had economic as well as social ramifications across China and worldwide.

The Complete Guide To Recording Online Lectures

Access to quality education was earlier restricted only to famous institutions and training centers. But the growth of technological trends in the form of classroom recording software has helped in the emergence of quality education worldwide. It has made it possible for several trainers to impart knowledge over the internet, and as a result of this, the enrollment of students for online classes has increased tremendously.

How Online Exam Software Will Help Managing Exam For College, Corporate.

Internet and social media-oriented people in this modern world have started demanding better, flexible and accurate examination systems capable of changing effortlessly in real- time. The rapid increase in technology has instilled the lost faith in the assessment industry by laying the foundation of conducting exams online through online examination software.

Role Of AI In Education And How AI Change Teaching

AI is an artificially intelligent machine, Which is made by more and more number of codes. In this topic, we will cover things like what is the role of AI in education and how this will affect teaching.
We are mentioning more than 5 points for understanding how AI will help in education.

Benefits with Ai Driven in online assessment software

The whole core of AI depends on a large amount of data. Artificial Intelligence makes machines to learn from experience, provided through an external environment. After gaining enough experience and decreased amount of error in algorithms, they can perform human-like activities.