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Exam Cheating Tricks won’t possible now

The modern world incorporates new technologies in the educational process; thus, new tricks used to cheat in exams are more refined and complex. This blog focuses on the different Exam Cheating Tricks that students use to cheat in their exams by elaborating the modern conventional and technological examination cheating strategies and psychological techniques.

What is AI-based remote proctoring

What is AI-Based Remote Proctoring? To ensure the integrity of the assessment process, artificial intelligence technologies are used to monitor examinations. This is called AI-based remote proctoring. It can detect any suspicious activity and unauthorized behavior. Test takers can take the exam from anywhere using their computers. AI technology uses computer vision, facial recognition and… Read More »

What is Proctoring & What are the Challenges and Benefits

Proctoring refers to the act of keeping an eye on the students to ensure that they don’t cheat while taking an online test and is also imperative for maintaining the academic integrity of educational institutions. Proctors ensure that students adhere to the rules and regulations of examination and that the exams are conducted in accordance with standards in different locations.