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Ways to make classroom interactive with technology in 2022

In the present era, it can be challenging to keep pupils interested. Teachers frequently struggle with the distractions that technology like tablets and smartphones causes when kids try to learn. Technological advancements in the educational sector have played a crucial role in deploying interactive tools that can be used in classrooms to improve students’ performance.

Ways To Choose Best Exam Management Software For IIT JEE Mains and Advance

Online exams until now were only being conducted by corporates to recruit the best talent. Still, a shift in the mode of imparting lectures happened due to COVID. The pandemic had resulted in a substantial shift regarding even the mode of assessing students in national-level competitive exams. However, also forced the coaching centers providing coaching for these exams to resort to the best online exam management software.

Online Examination Management System: Features & Benefits 

The presence of online examination software and online classroom software long ago initiated a debate on whether educational institutions should switch to online modes of teaching or not. The benefits of virtual classes and exams were sufficient to convince them, but the education industry was still skeptical about resorting to such a substantial change.