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How to assessment pattern creation: Online Exam Software

How to assessment pattern creation: Online Exam Software Introduction The online examination software is undoubtedly the future of functional assessments due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, security, and data analysis capabilities. With the increasing availability of the Internet and the advancement of technology, the online examination system has become a popular choice for educational institutions… Read More »

Why is Online Teaching is The Future – Know Better

Measuring the results of knowledge imparted to students in all forms of education and training calls for Within the last few years, the idea of traditional education has undergone a significant alteration. With the development of the Internet and new technology in the form of Online Teaching with Online Teaching App being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only way to study any longer

Conduct Online Proctored Exam at Home On Any Device

Global digitization has changed every aspect of human life, including a significant educational revamp. With the advent of various online exam software and online assessment proctoring software, students now get the chance to enroll for courses at a wide range of institutions and get a certificate from them by taking an online proctored exam at home.

Ways to make classroom interactive with technology in 2022

In the present era, it can be challenging to keep pupils interested. Teachers frequently struggle with the distractions that technology like tablets and smartphones causes when kids try to learn. Technological advancements in the educational sector have played a crucial role in deploying interactive tools that can be used in classrooms to improve students’ performance.

Grow Your Coaching Through Online Examination Management System

Ever since COVID has subsided, educational institutes ranging from schools and colleges to coaching institutions have again felt the hustle of students attending physical classes and preferring tests in person. Although this hustle has made all these educational institutions, including coaching, lively again, it has imposed a burden on them to keep up with the pace.

How To Evaluate Students During Online Classes

Tests, quizzes, essays and assignments always came into every teacher’s mind when they thought about assessing students traditionally in schools and universities.

But the change in the learning environment and the shift from traditional teaching to online classes have made it mandatory for teachers now to consider assessing students authentically during online classes so that they can figure out not only what the students know but also how they learn.