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Online Exam Software Company Reality Vs Expectation

online exam software expectation vs reality

No one takes this software for more students

We are an online exam software provider company for many years, Really above heading is true whenever anyone comes to us from any specific field such as coaching, institutes, and universities, etc.

The particular person they will be a marketer of that institute or a teacher of that institutes comes and ask for an online examination managing system for a tremendous number of students,

but they not get online exam software for those no. Of particular students, they always take online exam software only 400 to 500 or less than 1,000 students for managing their online examination system.

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No one wants to invest more money in online exam software

When we have started our online examination system, online exam software provider companies that would time no one knew about this field and the cost of the software was high but now the number of companies available in the market.

In this era whenever anyone comes, they always say “we are a startup, and we do not have more students, we want to take this online exam software for particular students, and we could not provide a large amount for this software”.

Really we always understand the thing what our client wants to say, and we trying to say that’s why we sell firstly freed demo for understanding the system of our exam software and after when the customer understands procedure they take premium software to us with a low amount.

Is that uploading question is very tough task.?

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The client always confused about uploading file is an easy task or tough. Really the task was very tough when we had started this company but after getting more feedback to our clients.

We had changed a lot of the setting also update new things in our online exam software and hire more candidates for uploading your question file.

How I get the question for conducting students exams

Most of the institutes, coaching, and colleges take the questions part from that software company who does not have the idea about online exam software.

We have more experience for providing online exam software and question content the would question contents getting is another step we also sell this parts we have an expert, knowledgeable teacher for making questions for the particular topic or subject no worry the amount will be lowest as compared to another.

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