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7 Ways To Ensure The Engagement In Online Classes


Besides the innumerable benefits of online learning through virtual classroom software, it also presents additional challenges. Most of the educators who resort to online learning agree with the fact that online education requires the following of ways to ensure engagement in online classes.

Ways To Ensure Engagement In Online Classes

Online students require the motivation and discipline to study in isolation and often lack this spirit as a result of the lack of face to face accountability.

By reading the article provided below, educators can discover specific methods for promoting student engagement in online classes, which would enable them to boost and verify increased levels of student participation in online courses.

Ways To Ensure Engagement In Online Classes

If an online course only provides information, it is no better than all the other competitive learning market. To create an edge, the association of educators with the students has to be different in such a manner that they can engage, connect as well as transform students even in online classes.

1. Prepare Students To Experience Online Learning

Students often have the habit of studying in a classroom environment and often have trouble adjusting with the online learning experience. Thus the mentors have to use such virtual classroom software that helps children thrive in the new setup. Teachers can first get familiarised with the online setup as well as can then further explain the same by giving them an introduction to online learning when they register for the online educational programs.

At Pesofts, to ensure engagement in online teaching our team gives the teachers a guided video tour as well as points out the different features and functionality of the software. All the students who opt for this mode of learning have the option of availing this demo benefit.

2. Use Multiple Formats To Communicate

While using software for online teaching, lecturers have the option of communicating with the students by using multiple avenues. Availability of various features such as online whiteboard, embedded audio and video, chat rooms, instant messaging as well as broadcast text messaging encourage students to participate while taking classes online. While taking lectures, the teachers have the option of also taking live classes where the students can ask doubts. Teachers can answer easily. This doesn’t even let the students feel that they are not in the actual classroom.

3. Present Clear, Organized Learning Materials

To ensure the active participation of students during online lectures students should be able to easily navigate the virtual classroom software for finding their course material, assessments, discussions as well as records. Everything they need should be available right at the place where they look for it. Softwares for online classes provided by Pesofts are devoid of complexity which makes it easily navigable.

Along with the software, instructors also while teaching play a role to ensure the comfort of the students. They should organize the course material and consistently label them to reduce student confusion. If the teachers create a checklist for each lesson or module, students get to know how far they’ve come and how far they still have to go that provides them with a sense of progress.

4. Socialise Learning

Social platforms, if used effectively, can play a crucial role in building a sense of classroom community among students as well as between the lecturer and students. Instructors can do this by adding a twitter badge to the online course homepage and using hashtags to push posts that are relevant to the course.

5. Make Sure That You Provide The Students Feedback That Is Useful And Timely

To keep the students engaged in the learning journey, giving feedback to students about their performance plays a crucial role. Quick responses to the posts that require discussion and email questions help the students to maintain a record of the next assignment or activity. While taking classes through an online classroom software, teachers can easily and instantly give detailed feedback to the students about the tasks that they submit. Less turnaround time on the grading of assessments brings a positive impact on future student efforts.

6. Assess The Students By Giving Them Self Assessment Opportunities

An online classroom software that allows the teachers to provide self-assessment permits the students to take more responsibility for their learning. With the virtual classroom tool provided by pesofts teachers can add tests to software that the students can attempt any number of times. Once the students complete the tests, teachers can grade their assessment and also provide input for course participation which can motivate the students. If in case they want to assess the students for their end term exams or before awarding them the final course completion certificate, they can also use our online examination software.

7. Engage The Students By Involving Them In Active Learning Opportunities

Online learning is often misunderstood as students simply sitting in front of their computers without fully engaging. However, it’s possible for educators in online lectures to involve students in active learning through various methods such as assigning tasks like interviewing professionals in the field, conducting case studies, working on group projects, or collecting and analyzing local data.

The Last ThoughtLearning is a serious business. For some professionals, it is a matter of life and death. For them to prosper in this business, it becomes imperative for them to ensure that all the students experience enjoyable learning. Students’ engagement in online classes results in an increased level of student satisfaction, perceived learning as well as actual learning. Thanks to online classroom software and its features provided by Pesofts at affordable rates that make it possible for the students to enjoy online classes as well as learn successfully.

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