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What Features Should The Online Examination System Have


The growing dissatisfaction of educational institutions in the traditional method of examination and technological advancements have resulted in the embracement of computer-based tests provided through exam software by assessment bodies.

Unreliable results, increased dependency on individuals, huge expenses and the administrative burden has shaken the confidence of educational institutions on pen and paper tests.

Online examination is an effective way to reinstall the faith of the educational institutions and test-takers in the concept of an examination. Today’s article discusses the what features should have in online examination system.

best featured enabled in online exam software

Before proceeding, let us understand the concept of online examination software which cloths computer-based tests systems. The online examination software is a software that makes conducting of tests possible through a computer network and internet.

While developing an online examination system the needs of the real examination must be kept in mind. It should mandatorily consist of the below-mentioned features.

Features Should Have In Online Examination Software

1. CREATION OF QUESTION BANK: Exam software should enable the user to manage variant types of questions offering a detailed overview. It should empower the user to upload images, frame complex questions supported by multi-language input.

2. CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT: An online examination system should permit the user to add and import candidates or to assign groups for a similar candidate. It should also give the user an authority to keep an all over record of different candidates taking the exam.

3. TEST CREATION ABILITIES: A good examination system empowers the admins to restrict the forward and backward movements of test-takers to monitor cheating. It also allows users to create different types of tests and templates and time-based tests.

4. ENHANCED REPORTING SYSTEM: An exam software should offer itemized clearness over the imprints acquired in each subject or segment of a test. The feature of propelled scoring should be included to give a top to the bottom view of the scoreboard.

5. SECURITY: An exam software should allow the user’s different levels of access to give an assurance that content cannot be altered or viewed by unauthorized users. It should further enable the admin to limit the accessibility of testing and certification materials by either setting IP ranges or requiring an invitation to access the content.

6. OPPORTUNITY TO INTEGRATE LEARNING: An assessment system should allow users to incorporate learning content into certification examination, courses, and programs seamlessly. It should also enable the examination bodies to custom lessons within tests or to create certification programs tailored to an enterprise’s needs.

7. NAVIGATION DURING EXAM: An exam software developed a manner that it allows the users to go back and forth among the pages during the online exam.

In a nutshell, an online examination system makes it easier to hold an online assessment. An online examination system developed through an online examination software offered by Pesofts is the need of the hour for every examination conducting body.

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