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How Can Online Learning Tools Be The Geenie of Educational


How Can Online Learning Tools Be The Geenie of Educational- amidst the unprecedented advent of coronavirus in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days on March 24, 2020, limiting the movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus pandemic.

How Can Online Learning Tools Be The Geenie of Educational

Since the number of cases kept on increasing, he further on April 14 extended the nationwide lockdown until May 3 where he provided for conditional relaxations for the regions where the spread was contained. To mitigate the hardships caused to the public, the Ministry Of Home Affairs allowed selected additional activities to open that came into effect from April 20, 2020.

Although the MHA approved for the operation of other events, it further ordered the states/union territories/ district administrations to ensure proper arrangements. This was with regards to the Standard Operating Procedures for the purpose of social distancing. Even in the second phase of the lockdown, it did not uplift restrictions on the educational, training as well as coaching institutes.

On May 1, the Government of India for the third time extended the nationwide lockdown by two weeks until May 17. But this time it divided the entire region into green, red and orange zones. It provided for some relaxations such as the opening of standalone, neighbourhood shops as well as shops in residential areas, commercial as well as private office spaces with 33% staff that were to be applied as per the zones. The Ministry however still forbade the opening of schools, colleges, malls, restaurants, gyms, barbershops as well as an interstate movement by road.

On May 17, the nationwide lockdown was extended for the fourth time till May 31 but this time the guidelines were a bit relaxed. The MHA although permitted considerable relaxation of the prohibitions that were to be provided by the states. It said that everything was allowed until banned. The serial numbers in the list of restrictions however reduced but schools, colleges, training and coaching institutions were still a part of it.

A clear reading of the list of activities that are not allowed gives us an idea that opening of all the institutions imparting education seems to be nowhere in sight. As a result of this, various schools, colleges across the country had already resorted to giving online classes by using zoom which was available free of cost. But since this app was prone to hacking by unethical hackers, the National Informatics Centre stepped in to issue an advisory for preferring other online tools.

While the institutions are in a dilemma as to the software that they should opt for to ensure continuous online education, this article that is written below can help them make a wise choice. It tries to explain various features of other digital tools such as e-classroom software or virtual assessment software that can be beneficial in this lockdown.


Online learning tools are one of the best products of technology for the education sector. Let us see what benefits everyone involved in this sector can get by using them during this neverending lockdown to save the future of students:

Online Classroom Software

With virtual classroom software, the institutions can easily ensure face to face communication between the students as well as teachers by the feature of live classes. This characteristic of this software, coupled with some others discussed below would not let the instructors, as well as children, feel the physical distance between them.

Can Function Easily On Any Device: The software is responsive on any device be it android as well as iOS. This helps the students and the teachers to give and join live classes on any available gadget. It does away with the need for arranging a particular device.

Supports Multiple Languages: This software that makes it possible to give classes virtually has the feature of multiple language support. The users can adjust the interface language as per their convenience with the click of a button.

Attendance Report: While taking classes on any device, the teachers can quickly obtain relevant data of the number of students who have attended the courses without any hassle. The attendance report feature helps them to keep a track to ensure that the attendance of every student is as per the required standards.

Countdown Timer: With the timer feature, the attendees are aware of the time that is remaining for the class to start. They even get to know about the number of minutes that are remaining. With the help of this, the students can ask their doubts before the end of the session.

Secure Socket Layer: One of the most significant disadvantages of using zoom was that it was not secured. On the other hand, the software used for virtual classes is secured with a secure socket layer. It has end to end encryptions. This means that the users do not have to worry about their data being stolen by hackers, or they become the victim to any cybercrime.

Class Recorder: This online classroom software has the feature with which the teachers can record the classes. This is a boon for the students as if in case they do not understand any concept; they always have the choice of viewing the grades. Moreover, the teachers have the ability to observe them and modify their teaching approach to enhance comprehension.

Affordable as well as Userfriendly: The software does not have sophisticated features. This means the users can use it easily to provide online classes without any requirement of pre-training. The fact that it is available at affordable rates acts like a cherry on the cake.

Enables The Students To Create Presentation: Among CoVID 19 ‘s spread, students can present and mark their assigned group projects through online software. The software’s face-to-face feature allows this.

Online Examination Software

Zoom was only an alternative for online classes, but it had no features that could enable the educational institutions to assess the students. However, online assessment software makes it possible to test them virtually on computers or even on a mobile phone. Some of its features that help to achieve this are:

Manage Candidates Easily: With this tool, institutions can manage efficiently the number of students appearing for the exam. They can also import the test takers as they per their choice. Universities, schools, coaching institutes can either assign groups to similar applicants or allow users to keep records of all candidates taking the test.

Enhanced Reporting System: This feature allows the users to acquire the imprints or segments of the test. It has propelled scoring characteristic. With its help, they get a top to the bottom access of the scoreboard.

Question Bank Creation: Different subjects demand different forms of questions. Online exam software is the perfect tool for supporting this feature as it offers a detailed overview. The institutions can easily upload images or frame complex questions supported by multi-language input either manually or automatically in any format.

Restricted Movement: The users giving test with this software have restricted movement. The admin can prohibit the forward and backward moves of the test takers to monitor cheating. Also, they have the option of creating various templates of time-based tests.

Security: To avoid question paper leakage and ensure safety, the software is encrypted with a secure socket layer. By setting the IP ranges or requiring an invitation to access the content, the admin can limit the accessibility of both testing and certification material. This helps maintain evaluation authenticity.

Easy Navigation: If students forget to try a question or leave it for another time, they always have the option to go back and forth between pages.

Remote Proctoring: Monitors the test taker ‘s activity. During the examination hours, students are never in a condition to resort to any unfair means. If in case they attempt, the paper gets invalidated.

Analyzed results: The online examination software’s in-depth reporting feature provides advanced analysis in the form of rank and subject wise reports. The graphics produced of lag performance area of the candidate make the teachers aware of the aspects that require attention. Even students can identify their lag areas and improve them through active preparation and practice.

Online Coaching App

Another tool that serves as a rescuer when needed is an online coaching app. Those students who took coaching or tuition for better understanding, and had to stay indoors to be safe from this virus, need not worry about their discontinued classes. The teachers, by using this online coaching app, with its specific features, can teach the students easily:

Tutoring 24/7: Students who intend to study at strange times of the day will benefit from this feature. Because whenever they consider, they tend to have doubts. Tutor chat feature, as well as 24/7 tutoring, helps students interact with teachers and ask doubts whenever they want. They can use the same chatbots, and this real-time messaging feature never lets students feel isolated.

Responsiveness: Students can study from any device that ranges from computers to smartphones. They do not have to correctly arrange for a gadget that is compatible with the app.

Past Lessons: Whatever the teachers teach online with this app, the students can view the lectures at any time. Students with this are at an advantage as they can review the lessons whenever they want.

The Final Thought

The lockdown seems lengthy. Even if the nationwide prohibitions are lifted, the probability of opening of educational institutions anytime soon looks bleak. But with online tools, the schools, colleges as well as coaching centres can ensure continuity in their academic calendar. They can conveniently take online classes as well as assess the students. Further, they also need not to worry as to whether it will be possible to find all the features in a given online tool or not. We at pesofts have a highly qualified team of professionals who develop online learning tools that have all the features discussed in the article above.

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