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Alumni of IIT Delhi and IIT Roorkee founded Pesofts in 2014 as an online test software supplier to meet the needs of the online education system and to introduce technology advancements to the field of education. We are the top developers of online exam software because of our outstanding and knowledgeable team. We are currently a division of Triggredge Solutions Pvt Ltd, which also offers software for digital tests and online teaching. In this Blog, we’ll see How to do automation of planning & schedule

Students can obtain education and knowledge through virtual classrooms through the process of online learning. As long as they have the necessary tools and a functional internet connection, learners who participate in online learning have the chance to access learning materials created by academics and researchers from all over the globe. Additionally, with the help of Online Teaching Application, educators can interact with their students and conduct virtual classes with ease. An online exam can measure the knowledge of students alongside. In an online test, candidates must respond to the questions using a computer. When the test is completed, the test window will close. You do not need to write an online test in an MCQ format; you can choose any format that you prefer.

Pesofts online exam software is one for all solution to all your needs. With a simple UI and a responsive team, we are working continuously to make your journey even smoother. Anyone can easily conduct online exams using our software.

The Importance of Planning and Scheduling

Making an action plan for delivering high-quality education to students is known as educational planning. It entails establishing the educational system’s goals and objectives as well as choosing the most effective methods for achieving them.

Planning and Schedule help educational institutions to manage their time effectively. By identifying the key dates and deadlines, educational institutions can plan their activities and allocate their time appropriately. This ensures that the institution can run efficiently and avoid any delays or disruptions to the academic calendar.

It can help to ensure that faculty and staff can manage their workloads effectively. By providing clear guidelines and timelines, educational institutions can reduce the stress and workload of faculty and staff, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Creating a schedule for the academic year is undoubtedly the best step for institutional advancement. A well-organized calendar systematically increases the institution’s efficiency. Because of this, every outstanding instructor makes sure to adopt this strategy.

Manual planning and scheduling of exams can present several challenges, including:

Time-consuming: Manual planning and scheduling of exams can be time-consuming, especially if there are multiple exams to schedule. This can lead to delays in the process and can also lead to errors if the person responsible for scheduling is rushed.

Human error: There is a higher risk of human error, such as scheduling conflicts, incorrect exam times or dates, or miscommunication with examiners and students.

Limited flexibility: There is inflexibility, especially when changes need to be made. Making changes can be difficult, as it may require significant effort to reschedule exams and notify all relevant parties.

Difficulty in tracking: Keeping track of all the details related to exams can be challenging when done manually. This can include keeping track of exam times, locations, and the number of students enrolled for each exam.

Inefficient use of resources: Manual planning and scheduling may not allow for the most efficient use of resources, such as exam venues and staff. This can result in wasted resources or underutilized resources, which can lead to additional costs.

Lack of transparency: The entire exam schedule may not be visible and understandable to students and other stakeholders due to the lack of transparency in manual planning and scheduling.

Adopting technology-based solutions such as Online Exam Software can help to address these challenges and ease the exam planning and scheduling process.

Automation of Planning and Scheduling

Exam automation can save time and reduce errors in planning and scheduling in several ways, such as:

 Automated scheduling: Exam automation software can automatically schedule exams based on predefined criteria, such as the availability of resources like exam rooms, invigilators, and students. This can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on manual scheduling.

 Resource allocation: Exam automation software can help optimize the allocation of resources like exam rooms and invigilators, reducing errors and minimizing the time needed to manually allocate resources.

 Online registration: Exam automation software can integrate online registration systems, enabling students to register for exams online. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces errors caused by typos and other mistakes.

 Automated reminders: Exam automation software can send automated reminders to students and invigilators about upcoming exams. This ensures that everyone is aware of the exam schedule and reduces the likelihood of missed exams or scheduling conflicts.

  Flexibility: Online exam software allows you to easily make changes to exam schedules as needed. This means you can quickly reschedule exams in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as weather-related disruptions or student absences.

 Instant grading: Exam automation software can grade exams automatically, eliminating the need for manual grading. This saves a significant amount of time and reduces errors caused by human error.

 Reporting and analysis: Exam automation software can generate reports and analytics that provide insights into exam performance and help identify areas for improvement. This saves time and reduces errors caused by manual data analysis.

Overall, online exam software can save time and reduce errors in planning and scheduling exams by streamlining the process, eliminating manual data entry, and automating repetitive tasks.

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Benefits of Using Pesofts’ Software for Planning and Scheduling

Anyone can successfully administer an online exam with Pesofts’ online examination software, be it a university, school, coaching facility, or large business organisation.

Benefits of Using Pesofts’ Software – 

Easy to Use: Our platform has a very simple UI making it suitable for everyone. Anyone can easily and securely conduct online exams. Our platform works effortlessly without any bugs.

Instant Results: Results can be generated quickly and a detailed analysis can be easily drawn.

AI Proctored: Our software fully supports A. It remotely proctors all exams with secure identity recognition before conducting them.

Easy Communication : Communication with test takers is simple thanks to our online examination software. You can send candidates personalised SMS messages with information on the exam and their login information (username and password). You can print PDF reports using our exam programme, which offers 24-hour support.

No Branding: The test takers will never know about us as our brand name is replaced with your brand URL. This helps to maintain secrecy.

24×7 Real-Time Support: Our team is constantly working to make your experience smoother and is there to solve your queries 24×7. You can reach us through WhatsApp as well as by mail.

SSL enabled: Our software has enabled a secure socket layer to protect your app and data from unethical hackers.

By looking at the above benefits we can say that  Online exam software increases productivity and eases the administration process, making it more efficient for faculty and staff. The software can automate many tasks, such as grading and analyzing results, saving time and reducing errors. Faculty can identify areas where additional support may be needed by using it to provide real-time insights into student performance. Also, by moving exams online, educational institutions can save money on paper, printing, and shipping costs.

Online exams can also reduce the need for physical space, equipment, and staff, further cutting costs. Lastly, Online exam software can provide a more flexible and convenient exam experience for students. They can take exams at any time and from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. The software can also provide immediate feedback on exam results, giving students a better understanding of their performance and areas for improvement.


Online exam software can provide a more secure exam environment, reducing the risk of cheating and exam fraud. The software can also offer accessibility options for students with disabilities, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed. They also increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the student experience by providing a more efficient, flexible, and secure exam environment.

Pesofts’ appealing online exam software allows professors to easily conduct examinations and offer fast results and diplomas. This programme also allows coaching facilities to give students scholarship tests to judge their IQ and boost their self-confidence. The distinct features of our software, such as its high level of security, user-friendliness, secured data, and accessibility by authorised users, considerably enhance the user’s experience for smoothly managing, producing, or administering exams. Do try our software 

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