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How to Make Online Quiz Test

A quiz maker software is an advanced tool to ease the test creation process. The software automates test management and administration with its basic and advanced features. Online Quiz Test can be customized to suit the curriculum and the software autogenerates detailed results for every test-taker.

In the past, online quizzes were merely used as a pastime by people who were into personality tests and trivia contests. In the present, online quizzes have emerged as a powerful tool to conduct exams, hire and train employees, and conduct surveys.

The software plays a vital role in the modern-day evaluation process. The detailed Online Quiz test results provide insights into student’s knowledge and help to identify the learning gaps. Teachers can use these insights to modify the teaching methods according to the personalized needs of individuals. Companies benefit from the software as it gives a structured method to evaluate the skills relevant to a job. It provides a bias-free way of evaluating a large number of employees.

Challenges of Manual Quiz Creation

Manual quiz creation is time-consuming and laborious. Here is a list of a few commonly faced challenges :-


Manual quiz creation takes a lot of time. Teachers have to start from scratch, prepare a questions bank then the answer key. They also have to make sure that the questions align with the curriculum.

Biased evaluation

Evaluation is biased due to the varying points of view of every teacher. Personal preferences and favoritism also hamper the fairness of the evaluation system. This leads to inaccurate results.

No scope for data analysis

It is difficult to maintain standardization with manually created quizzes. This happens due to the varied level of expertise of teachers. Additionally, no data analysis can be done to get insights.

Lack of creativity and engagement

Manually created quizzes lack creativity as teachers limit the range of questions to a particular format. These traditional quizzes fail to engage users and do not assess them properly.

Benefits of using Quiz Maker software

The benefits of using quiz maker software go beyond the cost of their purchase. Here is a list of a few benefits that will compel you to switch –


Quiz maker software is capable of testing a large number of test takers at a time. It does not matter how many test-takers are taking the test at a time as long as they have a stable internet. This makes it extremely easy to conduct employment tests, entrance tests, and surveys.

Tests can be customized

Online Quiz Test can be created using a variety of question types. Images and videos can be added to make the test interactive and engaging. Different templates and formats can be used to beautify the appearance and make it appealing.

Limited scope of cheating

Features like randomizing of questions, shuffling of answers, and adding a time limit for every question limit the scope of cheating. The software can even detect plagiarism in answers. This leaves no room for cheating.

Standardization for fairness of results

Quizzes are created using pre-defined criteria to ensure standardization. Results are auto-generated so there is no personal bias involved. The evaluation process is fair and standardized.

Instant results for improvement

The quiz maker software generates automated results instantly. It also creates reports for detailed analysis and overall result statistics. From these reports, test-takers can identify the learning gaps and work on them.

Steps to Create an Online Quiz

Here are simple steps that you have to follow to create an online quiz –

Step 1 – Login and choose a template

Log in with your credentials and choose a template or you can make your own.

Step 2 – Create a question bank

Create a pool of questions related to your subject matter.

Step 3 – Choose question types

Choose the types of questions that you want to add. There are various options like multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, situation-based questions, and, drag-and-drop questions.

Step 4 – Add the question

From the question bank, select the questions which you want to add to the particular quiz.

Step 5 – Map the possible outcomes

For the objective-type questions, add the possible answers.

Step 6 – Add the parameters

Add parameters like time limit, complexity, and marking scheme.

Step 7 – Save and publish

Review the test once and save it. Schedule it for a future date.

Online Quiz Test

Tips for Creating Quizzes

Creating an effective quiz requires proper planning and defining of objectives. You should be clear about the learning outcome of the quiz. User experience should be given priority.

Create engaging questions

Engaging questions are necessary to make sure the quiz takers are hooked till the end. Use a variety of question types to avoid monotony. Using audio clips, multimedia, and images can also make the quiz engaging.

Do not add too many questions

Avoid adding too many questions to the quiz. Choose your questions wisely and take only the questions relevant to the test-takers. Additionally, prevent using the same question type repeatedly. Adding a variety of question types will motivate test-takers to perform the quiz well.

Give detailed feedbacks

The quiz will be fruitful only when the test-takers get to know their mistakes in the end. So it is necessary to provide detailed feedback so that test-takers can work on their mistakes. You should find innovative ways of giving feedback. You can attach relevant pictures and resources through which they can learn.

Embrace virtual classrooms

Create a virtual learning environment when you have a large number of learners. You can create groups based on their interest, location, and, quiz topics.

Select the right software

You need to buy the right tool to get the right results. Choose the right software that offers the best features and ease of use. Advanced features and great customer support are a plus point.

Why Choose Pesoft’s Quiz Maker Software

If you search for quiz maker software, you will find ample providers selling the software at variable prices. But you should choose the one which fits your budget and provides explicit features. Pesoft’s Quiz Maker Software is carefully designed to help you create engaging quizzes in the blink of an eye. We deeply understand the limitations of manual test creation and our software aims to overcome all of them.

Features of Pesoft’s Quiz Maker Software -:

A wide range of questions

Our software offers a wide range of question types to choose from. You can add multi-choice questions, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, and match-type questions to create engaging quizzes.

Low maintenance cost

Our software is designed using such technology and algorithms that the maintenance charges are minimal.

Randomize questions

To limit instances of cheating, you can enable randomization of questions. This way every student will receive a unique order of questions. besides, you can even shuffle the answer choices.

24×7 Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our main objective. We are available 24×7 at your service to solve your technical issues. Give us a call or connect through our live chat support.

Automated results and reports

Our software has a user-friendly interface making it possible for anyone to easily operate it. It generates automatic results and reports making it easy for you to analyze data.

Free Demo

We want our potential clients to use our software and get acquainted with the functionalities before purchasing it. That is why we give a free demo. Moreover, we have a guaranteed money-back policy in case you do not want to continue using the software.

Compatible with LMS          

Our quiz maker software can be integrated with Learning Management Software. You can easily sync the data and avoid the hassle.


Quiz maker software offers an efficient solution to conduct time-based quizzes for numerous learners at a time. The software provides comprehensive results for statistical analysis.

The software has completely changed the way assessments were done earlier. It helps to create engaging and interactive quizzes for learners. It has made the process scalable, flexible, and faster than ever.

As technology updates, Online quiz test software will also advance. The future of assessment is very promising, owing to these valuable tools that make everyday tasks easy. Embrace this technology to make the learning process as engaging, interactive, and, flexible as ever.

Manjeet Mehta CEO @Pesofts

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