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Everything You Should Need To Know About Online Classroom Software


Traditionally schools have been the place where teachers, as well as students, meet for imparting knowledge. The thirst of improving the quality as well as the aim to spread education across the globe has resulted in innovations in the educational sector. The era of digitization has made this possible. Online classroom software is a result of such technological changes.

This article discusses everything that you want to know about virtual classroom software. It covers everything from the functioning of the software to the advantages it provides to teachers as well as students.

Before we move on, let’s gain an understanding of what online classroom software is. It offers a virtual learning environment that facilitates teacher-student interaction through the software’s technical tools. Educational institutions prefer to use virtual classroom software for conducting remote classes while ensuring a traditional classroom experience.

how to register of virtual software

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To use this setup, knowing its functioning is necessary. So let us study the operation of Pesoft online classroom software first.

Step 1: Sign Up with Pesofts: The first step is to register yourself with us so to create a virtual classroom setup.

Step 2: The next step is to create a course to attract students to help you in making this setup a reality. While creating this, do not forget to add the name of class as well as course. Add grade level also. You get an access code with which the students can log in.

Step 3: Once you have created a course, its time for you to create an online classroom setup. Selection of creating a virtual room takes you forward to the room creation page.

Step 4: The room creation page gives you a lot of option of including a room title, adding a description as well as inviting participating through email.

Step 5: Clicking on the start now button starts the class where you can interact with your learners.

Step 6: Once students get access, you can also provide them with assignments and the students can submit the work that they can present in the virtual classes.

Step 7: Provide the feedback and immediately report the grade which automatically gets updated in the grade book. The score sheet gets published after the approval of the instructor.

Step 8: You can also take online tests that generate the results instantly after its completion. By following these, you can easily as well as flexibly create an online classroom setup. The course access code is universal. The participants use this to join the virtual classroom.

Benefits of online software

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Let us understand the advantages of this software to the teachers or educational institutions.

Time management: Virtual classroom environment provides the teachers the time to effectively manage their time between work, family as well as Friends. Giving virtual classes at the comfort of your home saves the hours that could otherwise be used to commute for the campus.

Affordable: The cost of setting up this magical wand is less than the expenses incurred in arranging a place for teaching students. This, in turn, results in the teachers using the money saved for improving their method of teaching.

Security: Advanced features of this software with the protection of a secure socket layer enables the teachers to custom their hostname fully. Its increases the trust of learners as well as boosts SEO.

Collaboration experience: This classroom setup gives a collaborative experience to both the teachers as well as students.

Let us now read the benefits of this to students.

Enhance Digital Skills: Along with increasing skills as well as knowledge, online classroom software also sharpens the digital skills of the learner. The learners get the confidence to use online interactive tools. Its also increases their productivity.

Feedback and its result: Enrollment in an online degree course save the anxiety of the students of waiting for weeks or day for getting their score. The students are aware of the lack of areas. It also allows them to improve the gaps.

Increase convinience: Upliftment of traditional classrooms enables the learners to study as well as finish the coursework anywhere, anytime. They also get the freedom of engaging with other classroom topics, doing the assignment, absorbing class content as well as taking exams at the time or duration as per their schedule.

Wide reach: Online classroom software results in worldwide reach globally. The learners get an opportunity to work and interact with others internationally.

A reading of this raises a wish in every teacher’s mind to have this type of set up. Do not worry. It is not too late right now. Pesoft gives you the best online classroom software with advanced features to fulfill your dreams. With this cost-effective software as well as the latest characteristics, you can take your online classes at the convenience of your home.

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