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Is using an online assessment software is safe for the students or not?


The advent of computers and the internet has resulted in the digitization of the education sector. This digitization has helped the computer-based evaluation system to occupy a place in the assessment pedagogy. Online assessment software has made it possible for this type of testing to achieve a stand in this assessment method.

The purpose of today’s article is to explain whether online assessment software is safe for students or not. This query would be answered by elucidating the benefits which computer- the based assessment offers to the students.

However, before proceeding further, let us first understand the concept of online assessment software.

Online assessment software is software that makes conducting an electronic evaluation possible either on a stand-alone computer or computer network. This software aids in channelizing the assessment with the help of information technology and without or with little human efforts.

is online assessment software is safe or not

Some of the points which substantiate the question of safety are mention below :

Immediate assessment improving knowledge for learners: This type of assessment provides valuable insight to the test taker’s abilities as well as their aptitude. The select response tests allow the learners to retrieve their results instantly through a few clicks, which further helps and guides them on what they should do to improve.

Flexibility is the way for managing everything easily: Online computer-based testing provides flexibility to the candidates as it equips various options such as when and where to take the test. These tests are designed in such a manner that they leave no room for confusion. One can dive straight in to answer the questions.

Value-added growth measures: Online tests analyze data to measure the test taker’s growth over time. They act as a benchmark as to where should the students be at the end of the year on the basis of the tests from the beginning of the year.

Aids learners with disabilities: Universally designed online assessments are less of a physical impediment to test-taking as they provide access to students with disabilities. The presence of various tools such as screen readers, magnification tools helps the learners who have visual auditory and motor impairments or who are dyslexic.

Feedback improves everything: A computer-based test equipped with voice and video feedback tools allows the instructors to provide voice feedback. This makes presenting feedback easier for the teachers and personalized for the learners.

Furthermore, video-based feedback provides students with personalized and individualized performance feedback as it is faster to create and review. This feedbacks provide rich and qualitative information on the student’s performance.

To sum up all, the benefits offered by this mode of examination gives one a clear answer that computer-based tests are safe, with computer based test software. Nowadays, most of the students opt for online exams as they provide offer them the comfort to study from home in their own space.

However, the presence of a cost-effective online assessment software provides offered by Pesofts makes it possible for the students to opt for this mode of evaluation.

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