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Role of Test Maker Software in Modern Classroom


Test maker software is software that helps to create, manage and administer tests. It has a user-friendly interface and allows teachers to add questions, their answers and assign marks to each question. Teachers can also create quizzes, surveys and assignments. One of the key benefits of this software is that it automates the grading process for objective-type questions, saving significant time and effort for teachers. This software empowers teachers to make customised assessments, track student performance, identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Test maker software is becoming necessary as assessments play a vital role in education and the software eases the evaluation process. Assessments provide valuable insights into how well the student is understanding what is being taught and the learning gaps can be identified. By analyzing the assessment results made by the software, teachers can improve the student’s learning journey and ensure quality education for them.

Pesofts test maker software is one of the best software available in the market.

The Need for Test Maker Software

The need for test maker software arises due to the limitation and challenges of creating the assessments manually.

Common challenges faced by manual creation of assessments –

Time-taking Process
Creation of assessments manually from scratch requires a lot of time and effort. Teachers need to first plan what needs to be included in the assessments and then they also have to prepare the answer keys whilst ensuring that the questions align with the curriculum.

Susceptible to Biasness and Subjectivity
Biasness arises as each teacher has a different point of view of looking at an answer and tends to score answers differently. Teachers can also be biased due to their personal preferences. All this leads to inconsistent grading, affecting the fairness and accuracy of assessments.

Lack of Creativity and Variety
Creating innovative and engaging assessments is challenging when done manually.
As a result, teachers limit their range of questions to a typical format and rely mostly on traditional methods like multiple-type questions, which don’t assess students understanding accurately.

No Scope for Standardisation
Maintaining consistency and standardisation while creating assessments manually is a challenging task. Due to varied levels of expertise, every teacher approaches the assessment differently, resulting in inconsistent levels of difficulty and formats.

Data Analysis for Improving Performance
These days it has become important to analyse students’ performance and gets insights which will help in improving their performance. Such analysis is not feasible when assessments are created and graded manually. To overcome these challenges, it is important to shift to digital assessment platforms like Pesofts’ Test Maker Software. It provides several benefits to teachers, institutions as well as students –

Saves a lot of Time
Test maker software automates the process of test creation. Teachers can quickly create assessments using the pre-made question templates and by importing questions from the pool of question banks.

Customised Tests can be Created
Teachers can adjust the difficulty level of questions and can select from a wide range of question types like fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-type questions, and essay questions. They can also add images and videos. This allows teachers to be flexible and can cater to a wide range of student needs.

Consistency and Standardisation
Tests can be created by following pre-defined criteria which helps in ensuring that students are evaluated on the same basis. This helps in keeping the evaluation process fair and eliminates biases.

Tests can be conducted with Security and Integrity
Features such as randomisation of questions, imposition of the time limit and shuffling of answer options help in preventing cheating. The software can even detect plagiarism which further helps in eliminating academic dishonesty.

Deep Analysis of Results
Teachers can get detailed insights into a student’s strengths and weaknesses by analysing the reports generated by the software. They can identify the learning gaps and take personalised steps to improve the performance of each student.

Test Maker Software

Features and Benefits of Pesofts’ Test Maker Software

Pesofts Test Maker Software provides the following features that will help you create engaging assessments in minutes, giving you more time to invest in other activities that will enhance the teaching process –

Diverse Question Types
Assessment can be made interesting by using various types of questions like multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and drag and drop type questions. Pesofts test maker software provides all these options to enhance the learning experience.

User Friendly
Pesofts test maker software has been developed in such a way that anyone from a non-technical background also can easily use it just by getting basic training. The interface is absolutely simple and teachers can easily create multiple tests.

Randomise Questions
To narrow the scope of cheating, the feature which allows you to randomise questions was developed by our experts. This way each student receives a unique order of questions. Answer shuffling can also be done which further reduces the scope for potential dishonesty.

Accessibility and Responsiveness
Teachers can use our software to create tests using any device. There is no need for a special device to access the software. This is advantageous for educational institutions as they don’t have to spend extra on providing equipment.

24×7 Customer Support
We have a 24×7 customer support helpline to solve any issue or bugs that disrupts the smooth functioning of the software. All you have to do is just call on our number.

Guaranteed Pay Back
We at pesofts have a guaranteed money-back policy in case you don’t like our software due to any reason in the first few months of purchase. Just call our customer support team and your refund will be granted.

Seamless Integration with LMS
Our online test software can be seamlessly integrated with Learning Management Software. This way the assessments can be integrated with existing educational software and ensures compatibility with several browsers and devices.

Time-Saving Capabilities and Automated Grading
Pesofts online test maker software not only simplifies the exam creation process but also eases the grading process through its automated grading feature.

Target Audience

The target audience of test maker software mainly includes educational institutions, schools and educators. Depending upon the features, capabilities and scalability of the software, the target audience would choose which test maker software fits the best according to their needs.

For educational institutions and schools, test maker software helps to conduct assessments at a large scale. It helps to standardize the evaluation procedure, track student performance and create data-driven reports. The software can schedule the assessment, keep the data secured and monitor it to ensure consistency of assessment in the institution. It can also be used to develop a curriculum that aligns with their specific learning objective and standards.

For teachers and educators, test maker software helps to create and minister assessments. They can make quizzes, tests, and assignments. Test maker software also has a feature through which teachers can create a question bank for future use. The automatic grading feature helps to provide meaningful feedback to students and the data analysis report allows them to identify strengths and weaknesses of students and the students who need additional assistance can be provided with the necessary support. Some software also allows teachers to collaborate. This way they can exchange ideas, and resources and share assignments.

Getting Started with Pesofts’ Test Maker Software

Step-by-step guide on using Pesofts software for creating tests and assessments –

Step 1 – Access the Software
Log in using your credentials and click on the question bank management section.

Step 2 – Make a Question Bank
Develop a comprehensive question bank consisting of various questions from the topics related to your subject.

Step 3 – Select Question Type
Choose the question type that you want to add from various options like multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and drag and drop type questions.

Step 4 – Add the Questions
One by one add the questions you want to include in that particular assessment.

Step 5 – Add answers
For objective-type questions, like multiple-choice questions, add the answer key. Also, add the marking scheme for each question

Step 6 – Select Question Parameters
Add parameters like time limits, complexity level and scores for questions.

Step 7 – Review and Edit
Thoroughly review the question bank for consistency and accuracy. Make the required changes in case of any errors.

Step 8 – Save and Publish
Once you have reviewed the test, save it. Now you can save the test for future use or schedule it for a specific date and time.


We at Pesofts understand the challenges that you face in making tests and accurately evaluating student performance. Our test maker software is carefully designed keeping in mind all these challenges. Our support team is always there to assist you so that you have a seamless experience. Our software is simple to use and tests can be created in just a few clicks by choosing questions available in the previously created question bank.

Test maker software can have a transformative impact on assessments and educational practices. It is an innovative tool designed to change how you administer and analyze tests. We encourage everyone to explore the capabilities of this software. You will surely see better educational outcomes and enhanced student engagement.

Technology has what it takes to completely change how we assess learners, provide personalised learning and give real-time data-driven feedback. It is important to create a balance between technology and human intervention in education. Once we achieve it, we can create a future where learners are more engaged in education and achieve more than what they currently are.

Manjeet Mehta CEO @Pesofts

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