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Test Creation Software: A Step-by-Step Guide



Ever since the subsistence of the Remarkable deadly COVID virus, educational institutions are trying their best to cope with the pace and fill in for the precious academic time which was wasted when the entire world had come to a standstill.  They’re trying to make up for the lost time by pressurizing teachers to complete the syllabus within a limited time period and burdening them to assess students by making and printing high-quality tests but this is indeed taking a toll on the mental health of educators and every individual associated with the process of assessing students.

This is because while creating tests, teachers have to consider so many things as to what kind of questions are they supposed to ask the students to analyze as to whether students have truly understood the content they have been learning.

They also have to handle the fact that responses of different learners may be different to different kinds of questions and they also have to consider the ways in which students can be prevented from sharing answers with their fellow mates.

To thus reduce their burden and give every intermediary a sigh of relief, software providers now have introduced test creation software to ensure that this act of creating tests is no longer a time-consuming chore and indeed becomes an enjoyable process.

Test creation software comes to the rescue of all the teachers who have to assess students as it enables them to create tests online within a few minutes by uploading questions, finalizing the answers, and creating tests. With this type of software, teachers can create a variety of questions including MCQs, true/false, and short answer type questions.

To create tests with a test creation software, all that the users are required to do is select a question type, enter the question and possible answers, repeat for the number of desired questions and it’s ready to be printed. A test creation software has unique features with the aid of which educational institutions, educators, teachers, and coaches, who are looking for quick and easy ways to assess students can derive the following benefits:

  • Saves Time: Teachers can with our best authoring tool for the online exam, easily upload question banks of large size in any format be it Multiple Choice Questions, DTQs, True False as well as subjective questions in a jiffy. All they have to do is import questions from the question banks which are readily available for their use. This process is way easy as compared to a traditional exam wherein teachers had to first figure out the source of questions, type them or write them on their own and then create tests. The benefit of uploading questions easily saves the time of teachers which they can use for devising new ways of teaching students.


  • Creating Exams along with data security: Creating tests pen-paper tests which were also referred to as traditional ways of assessing was prone to be leaked. However, this does not happen in the case of test creation software. Teachers get an email immediately when some person other than them tries to access the data from their account.  Additionally, the software is encrypted with a secure socket layer that prevents the users from getting unauthorized access and resorting to activities such as hacking. The test creation software offered by Pesfots takes full responsibility to protect our client’s data and ensure that it cannot be shared at any cost unless the same is permitted by the owner.


  • Create new tests from old tests: A test maker software as compared to the traditional ways of assessment enables teachers to create tests from old by simplifying opening previously saved tests in the question bank and then selecting various questions from each test for creating a brand new test. Teachers can either select the questions manually or they can also use the automated selection options for randomly selecting a specific number or percent of questions.


  • Randomization: As compared to the traditional methods of creating tests, teachers with just a single click can randomize the choices in all the types of questions so that they are in a different order. The question paper is created is although the same but is a new assessment since the choices are different as compared to the previous ones.


  • Test Software Pattern Is The Same As Original Exam Pattern: With our test creation software, teachers can also create practice tests for students before the final exam. As a result of this, students do not have to worry or feel anxious on the final day of the assessment.

Test Creation Software

Benefits for educational institutions

The teaching process involves teachers teaching content to students and then subjecting them to tests to ensure as to whether students can grasp whatever has been taught to them and if they can effectively apply their critical thinking skills. Educational institutions earlier used to assess students by way of traditional exams but with the advent of test creation software, schools, colleges, and universities have witnessed a significant evolution in the methodology for evaluating students. Not only has the process of evaluating kids evolved but the features benefits and advantages that are associated with the use of software for creating tests have also improvised the methodology.

This is because the process which was involved prior to the introduction of test creation software was not only time-consuming but also used to impact the financial resources of educational institutions but now this is not the case.

Teachers can with the blink of an eye easily create tests with test creation software due to its question bank feature that enables the test maker to select a variety of questions from the bank and also edit them according to the level of difficulty. They can not only edit the questions but also change the format of the questions in the form of MCQs, image-based questions, and formula and equation-based questions to cater to specific educational requirements.

Along with this, teachers can easily set the time within which the students have to finish the test and also the day on which the test will be made available. The process of adding questions which is of utmost importance in any test that the teachers earlier had to do physically can now be done within a few hours with the aid of test creation software.

Creating tests with the aid of software also saves costs as educational institutions can avoid the cost of arranging stationery, papers, etc. Additionally, the amount that institutions imparting education had to pay for arranging questions from experts is also saved.

Pesofts Test Creation Software 

The advantages which educational institutions accrue by using this software have given birth to innumerable software providers who claim to provide bogus benefits but Pesofts test creation software stands apart. Pesofts test creation software not only caters to the time and cost-saving aspects but is designed by experienced experts to also address all the other needs of educational institutions, educators, and teachers.

Unique Features of Pesofts Test Creation Software

  • Various question formats: Teachers can make tests, quizzes, and exams more interesting by using a variety of question types. Pesofts test creation software offers various formats of questions which makes it easier for teachers to also add different learning materials and not conform themselves to standard MCQ question types.


  • Shuffle questions in real-time: The feature of “shuffling questions in real time” curated by our experts specifically for our examination-holding bodies, enables educational institutions to quickly shuffle questions with a random sequence of tentative choices. This not only aids them in subjecting students to real-time exposure but also aids them in avoiding cheating among aspirants.


  • Guaranteed Money Back: We at Pesfots do not believe in imposing our products on anyone. If educational institutions for any reason are not satisfied with our Test Creation Software in the first few months of their purchase they always have an option of getting their money back. All they have to do is, contact our customer service team to refund your amount.


  • No subscription cost: We at Pesofts don’t believe in charging our customers monthly or yearly subscription costs. We however release an improvised version of our software from time to time for which our users can pay a reduced cost to acquire the better version but it completely depends on them.


  • Uninterrupted customer support: We know that functionality of technological inventions is often prone to be disrupted by bugs and thus to ensure smooth usage, Pesofts has an excellent customer care team whose aim is to provide uninterrupted support. Facing any difficulties? We’re right there by your side. All you have to do is call on our number.


  • Responsive: Teachers can create exams on any device be it their laptop, tablet, mobile, or computer and they are under no compulsion to specifically arrange for a particular device just to create tests. This is advantageous not only for the teachers but also for educational institutions as our software for test creation works well on all devices hassle-free.


  • Ensure Smooth Exam Conduction: With our software for online exams, an enormous number of candidates can smoothly give exams concurrently which proves to be a delight for the test-takers as well as the managers.


  • User Friendly: Online tests have become everyone’s choice only after the unprecedented advent of CoVID and we at Pesofts while creating Test Creation Software have ensured that our software is not complex or difficult to use. To ensure user-friendliness, Pesoft’s test creation software has an easy interactive user face with which even those teachers who are not technologically advanced can create tests. All they have to do is just take the requisite training for using the software.

Thus with its unique features, Pesofts caters to educational institutions, teachers, and educators.

Test creation software implementation process

Using test creation software is not a tedious task as all the teachers have to do is :

  • Login to the software from the respective accounts 
  • Select the type of test which they want to create 
  • Import questions from the question bank available for various subjects and topics 
  • Select the format in which they want the questions to appear 
  • Opt for the time within which the students are bound to complete the test and the time and date when the test will be made available
  • Create the test 

Although the process of creating tests with test creation software is easy here are some of the tips with which the entire exercise can become more smooth:

  • Create strong passwords to avoid account hacking: While creating exams, there is always a possibility of some unauthorized person attempting to hack the questions that teachers have prepared to get access to the test beforehand. To thus avoid this, teachers should always create a strong password. All the teachers have to do is ensure this, rest the data security feature of a test creation software assures that it informs the user about the same in case of any unsuspicious activity.


  • Do not import bulk questions in one go: Although test creation software has a highly interactive user face and is scalable to manage usage by a lot of people at the same time but to ensure its fluent usage, teachers should not import all the questions from the data bank in one go but prefer importing it one by one.


  • Include a variety of question types to test the different levels of understanding: There are times when the test lacks personalization, thus teachers while using test creation software should include a variety of questions that they can choose from the available question bank. This not only adds a touch of personalization to the test but also allows students with different intellects to give the test.



A test creation software thus enables teachers to create tests from scratch but with just a few clicks since all they have to do is choose a variety of questions from the innumerable questions that are already available in the question bank, arrange them in whatever way they want and also randomize the choice elements to create a different set of same tests. With Pesfots software for test creation things automatically get better since educational institutions do not have to arrange for particular devices on which teachers can create tests. All they have to do is just configure their device with the software and give teachers the requisite training to use the software.

Additionally, the interactive easy userface enables everyone who is not even technologically friendly to create tests easily and they also do not have to worry about the paper being accessed by a third person. The advent of test creation software has indeed made the lives of everyone associated with education easy and thus every educational institution to reduce the burden on their teachers should prefer adopting this new methodology of assessing students.

If the needs of every educational institution don’t call for a traditional test, they have the option of opting for test creation software for producing tests, adding quizzes, and also measuring the performance of students. Pesfots test creation software is one of the most powerful tools which empowers teachers to create tests that can be taken by students digitally, online, or with pen and paper. Pesofts test creation software is the best software for all educational institutions and all they have to do is call us. We’ll be happy to show you all the features of our software to ensure that you get the best experience and make the right choice.

Manjeet Mehta CEO @Pesofts

Manjeet Mehta is a professional writer and also the CEO @Pesofts. He passed out from IIT Roorkee in 2013 and started their own business, thinking of the growing education sector with the help of technology. You can check out LinkedIn and follow him here LinkedIn