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The Use Of Technology in Educational Sector with online assessment software


The use of technology in the educational sector is transforming the world in unimaginable ways. As technology plays a major role in the current scenario, it’s essential to incorporate it into education, which is the essence of the human mind.

The change in the educational sector is necessary to cope up with the present generation. Children in our country are more familiar with gadgets than to books.

The best way to educate the present generation is to use the stuff that they feel comfortable to learn. This can be possible with the better use of technology. So we here present the uses of technology in the educational sector.

#1 Students are Tech Savvy

As we all know the present generation is addicted to technology, the best way to teach them is to make the best use of that technology. Using digital boards in place of blackboards takes the education to next level.

Using Tablets in place of books does the best job to attract the students towards studies. It will be useful in both the ways i.e. it reduces the baggage carried by students and develops interest among them towards studies.

The present generation is immersed in technology and the combination of technology and education makes students enjoy the studies.

The most important thing that schools can do is not to use technology in the curriculum more, but to use it more effectively.

#2 Use of Video Classes

Video classes will help to improve the learning process. It makes the process easier. Moving imagery will have more effect than the written words in classroom learning.

Using videos in the lectures in place of blackboard does the job here. Making the students feel classroom as just a theatre will make them enjoy the studies.

Visual learning will make the students enjoy the study environment. Making the students enjoy the studies rather than feeling it as a burden is all we are trying to do. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

#3 Social Media

The major field where students spend most of their time in recent days is social media. Social Media has become viral in these days. Using it as a tool in educational sector will help us to take the education to the next level.

As all of us are well aware of Facebook and Whats App, creating a class group in these will be helpful for students to ask and answer questions.

Rather than giving the writing projects to the students creating a students blog will be useful. By doing so, students will read each other blog and can share the knowledge.

It will build a strong community of students too. Students are already familiar with the social media outside the classroom, integrating it with the classroom study helps the students to learn in an efficient manner.

✓ Online is old news

✓ Online in social media is today’s news

✓ Social media is not a subset of the internet

✓ Social media is the internet.

#4 E-Books

As the present generation is very much interested in spending time with the laptops rather than books, eBooks will be helpful to turn students attention towards studies.

Using eBooks will be helpful in both ways. As they turn students attention and also will lessen the students burden to carry books.

It is very useful to the students who can’t afford to buy a textbook. Unlike the printed books, you can read the eBooks anywhere.

eBooks can be stored safely as they won’t be spoiled by rain. If ebooks mean that readers’ freedom must either increase or decrease, we must demand the increase.

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