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What Is Online Examination Software

Assessments are considered important to test knowledge and skills. It provides an insight into the actual understanding level of learners. As technology overtakes the educational sector, the scope of online examination systems is increasing. Online exam software has become a popular choice due to its economical, convenient, and user-friendly nature. An online examination software is a platform that is made to create, conduct, and administer exams online. It is a secure platform for educational institutions and various organizations to efficiently conduct exams.

Test-takers can take the exam from anywhere with a stable internet connection, making it a favorable choice, especially for remote learners. They can be monitored using proctors, thus maintaining the system’s integrity.

Features of Online Examination Software

Online examination software offers various features that increase the effectiveness and security of the system. It has eased the examination creation and evaluation process. Here is a list of features offered –

Online Remote Proctoring

Online exams use AI-integrated technology to proctor test-takers. The proctor authenticates the identity of test-takers before they start the exam. It keeps a record of their habits and practices during the exam. It raises red flags when it identifies any suspicious behavior.

Integration with LMS

Many institutes use a learning management system but it needs to be more capable of testing the knowledge of students properly. Online examination systems can be integrated with LMS to conduct exams. This way the data can be synced and exams can be easily scheduled, thereby maintaining consistency.

Quick Result Evaluation

As soon as the test is submitted, the software checks the answers against the model answer sheet. It then creates a detailed report and provides a review of every question. This reduces the workload of teachers and makes the process quick.

SMS Integration

Test-takers and their parents can receive important alerts through this feature. Institutions can send information like username and password, exam schedule, assignments, and mark sheets. This way they can stay updated and have all the important things in one place.

Configuration of Various Question Types

A variety of question types can be used while designing online exams. These include MCQs, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, essay-type, scenario-based questions, and video/audio questions. The level of difficulty of these questions can also be set so that the results will be calculated accordingly.

Advantages of Online Examination Software

Online examination software is a valuable tool for various organizations owing to the wide range of benefits it offers. Here is a list of the advantages –

Reduced Administrative Burden

Examination software has eliminated the need to print and distribute question papers. The software automates the user registration process and also schedules the exam according to the availability of students. Moreover, the software instantly grades the objective questions and generates detailed result reports. With so many tasks being automated, educators save a lot of time.


The software provides a method for secure examinations with several security features. Features like identity authentication, proctoring tools, and plagiarism detectors help to prevent cheating.


People with special needs can take the examination without facing trouble. They do not have to physically travel to the exam center. The online exam can be tailored according to their special requirements. Features like text-to-speech, customizable colors and fonts and keyboard navigation make it possible for these test-takers to take the exam easily.

Real-time Analysis

The examination system automatically provides a detailed analysis of each test-taker. It includes their scores and areas of strength and weakness. It can be used to provide personalized learning. Using this data, educators can also create a comparative analysis and improve their teaching method accordingly.

Reduces Exam Anxiety

Online exams reduce exam anxiety among test-takers. They can take practice tests before taking the actual exam so that they get the experience. Also, they can flexibly schedule the exams around their other commitments.

Instant Feedback

The software provides instant feedback summaries to test-takers on their performance in the given exam. This allows them to identify areas where they need improvement.

What Is Online Examination Software

Role of Remote Proctoring in Online Examination Software

Remote proctoring is the process that is used to supervise test-takers in an online examination setup. Test-takers are remotely proctored using the proctoring software to maintain the integrity of the examination system. Examiners can monitor test-takers in real time and the proctor can even assist test-takers in case of any technical glitch.

There are four methods in which test-takers can be proctored –

Blocking browser

In this method, a special type of browser blocks the test-takers desktop from using any other window except the examination window. This prevents them from using any other window to search for answers or communicate with anyone else. The disadvantage here is that the browser cannot prevent test-takers from using any other device or from offline communication.

Live online proctoring

In this method, test-takers are proctored using their real-time audio and video. The human proctors authenticate the identity of test takers before the exam and keep a check throughout the exam.  The proctor flags warnings in case it senses any suspicious activity.

Recorded proctoring

In this method, throughout the exam, the audio and video data of test-takers is recorded. The recording is later looked at to check instances of cheating.

Automated proctoring

In this method, artificial intelligence does the work of authentication and proctoring without any human intervention. If the proctor identifies any instance of cheating, it sends a signal to the human proctors who make the final decision. This method is cost-effective as there is no need for human proctors.

How to Conduct Examination Using Online Examination Software

Conducting examinations using online examination software is simple. Familiarize yourself with the basic features and follow the below-mentioned steps –

Step 1- Login to the admin panel

Login to the software.

Step 2- Decide the Learning Objective

Identify the learning objectives and connect them to your question bank. Select the number of questions you want to add and the time limit of the assessment.

Step 3- Optimize Your Questions

Build your question bank by adding questions related to your learning objective and cognitive level. You can choose from a variety of question types like MCQs, audio/video questions, and essay-based questions.

Step 4- Opt for the Exam Delivery Option that Suits Your Requirements

You can choose if you want to create the exam manually, semi-manually, or automatically. If you opt for the manual method, then you can select the questions based on your learning objectives. If you opt for the semi-manual method, you just have to select the criteria and the exam. If you choose the automatic method, you will have to add the blueprint, course management, and the type of assessment you need.

Future of Online Examination Software

The future of online examination software holds several opportunities and will be characterized by innovation, better security, and enhanced learning experience.

  1. Artificial intelligence will play a major role in increasing the security of the examination system by advancing the cheating detection system.
  2. The new era of assessment will unfold, and adaptive testing will become prevalent. It will use an adaptive algorithm to create personalized assessments based on the skill level of every student.
  3.  The data analytics system will also advance, enabling teachers to make better decisions to enhance the quality of their teaching.
  4.  With internet stability reaching remote areas, online exams will become even more accessible.
  5. Collaborative features will make problem-solving and teamwork easier and will expedite the examination process.
  6. Integration of virtual classrooms and learning management systems will become easier and better.


Constant evolution in the space of assessments has made online examination software a popular choice for organizations. The scope of online assessments is also widening and the process is becoming more secure with technological advancements. This era of hybrid education will see many advancements and online examination software is just the beginning.The software is user-friendly, secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

Embracing this technology needs proper planning, implementation, and, working on feedback. Choosing the right software plays a major role in this journey. Then comes making short-term goals and working towards achieving them. Make sure to familiarize all the stakeholders with the software’s functionalities so that they are comfortable.

Pesofts provides the best online examination software. Anyone with limited technical knowledge can easily create and conduct secure examinations. You can add a variety of question types, ranging from MCQs to fill-in-the-blanks to long-answer type questions. The software generates error-free subject-wise, assessment-wise, question-wise, and student-wise performance reports to analyze the data and make subjective decisions. We provide a free trial before you opt for the paid-up plan. Contact us for a trial, we will be happy to serve!

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