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Why Most Prestigious Exams Went Online : Exam Software


The advent of technological advancements has not spared competitive exams out of its scope. The introduction of online examination software has transformed the mode of conducting assessments. In 1993 GRE was the first computer-based exam which was followed by GMAT in 1997, CAT in 2009, GATE in 2014 as well as CSIR UGC NET Exam will enter the domain from December 2019.

Do you doubt as to why almost all the national-level assessment conducting bodies have changed their method of holding competitive exams? Continue reading. Today’s article will answer this query in detail.But before proceeding further, let us understand the concept of the reason behind this change.

An online examination software enables assessment holding bodies to hold competitive exams through a computer network. Ranging from simple to flexible to improved revenue are some of the reasons for prestigious exams went online. Additionally, online examination software allows for easier management of large-scale exams and reduces the risk of cheating or tampering with exam materials. Furthermore, it provides examinees with the convenience of taking the exam from their own location, saving them time and resources.

Let us now deal with this in detail.

Why Most Prestigious Exams Went Online

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EASY EXAMINATION RELATED REQUIREMENTS: Conducting computer- Based makes it easier for examining body flexibly manage the tasks involved in organizing exams. Exams papers are created comfortably by either selecting questions or using automated tools.

REDUCES ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN AND KEEPS DATA SAFE AND SECURED: The functionalities of an online examination software reduce an assessment body & administrative burden. The associated tools with such software keep examination data safe and secure and also reduces cost. It also reduces the risk related to exam malpractices.

INSTANT RESULTS AND REPORTING: An online examination software has an automatic grading system functionality that frees the examiner from the responsibility of manual grading. Instead, an online test creation software delivers instant results and reports and saves time and efforts of the examiner.

EASY PROCESS OF CREATING QUESTIONS: One of the most crucial steps for conducting an online assessment is framing questions. Tools such as a quiz library in an online test creation software ease the process of question creation. If you have any difficulty in this process, you can take the help of the experts by choosing pesoft’s exam software for conducting computer-based examinations.

REMOTE AS WELL AS ONLINE PROCTORING: The feature of online and remote proctoring allows the test takers to take the exam from anywhere without having a chance to cheat.

Thus we can see that the innumerable advantages which an online examination software offers have to lead to most of the assessment holding agencies to adopt an online mode of examination instead of the pen-paper one.

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