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Learning Management System

The advent of technology for imparting education has become the preferred mode of learning among students and teachers due to its provision of learning management systems (tools) that make it an effective resort of learning

7 Ways To Ensure Engagement In Online Classes

Besides the innumerable benefits of online learning through virtual classroom software, it also presents additional challenges. Most of the educators who resort to online learning agree with the fact that online education requires the following of ways to ensure engagement in online classes.

Online Course Software

Nowadays, everyone wants to talk about online live classes, online coaching classes, recorded video classes as well as PDF classes. Thus, today let’s talk about them by understanding in detail the manner in which they are different from others and how each of them is leaving its impact in the education industry.

Online Exam Software Open Source

There has been a reinvention in the methodology of test management due to the advent of timed, supervised, and summative assessments conducted online. Exam authorities in educational institutions prefer assessing students by using open source online exam software over pen paper-based assessment.

How to Conduct Online Class

The coronavirus outbreak worldwide has resulted in the rise of the online class/education industry. More and more educational institutions are conducting classes online to ensure continuity in education.

How To Take Online Exam Without Cheating

The unexpected advent of coronavirus and imposition of nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of this virus has adversely affected the lives of the people also disrupted the academic calendar of educational institutions. Most of the universities were preparing to take exams in the traditional pen-paper form and not by conducting written exams online with the help of online exam software. Due to the announcement, they could not complete the process of assessment