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How To Take Online Exam Without Cheating

The unexpected advent of coronavirus and imposition of nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of this virus has adversely affected the lives of the people also disrupted the academic calendar of educational institutions. Most of the universities were preparing to take exams in the traditional pen-paper form and not by conducting written exams online with the help of online exam software. Due to the announcement, they could not complete the process of assessment

How Can Coaching Centres Continue Teaching During This Pandemic

The long lockdown due to the unprecedented advent of COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges, coaching centres as well as other educational institutions. The wake of coronavirus has created an usher in the citywide classrooms as it has caused disruption of education for more than 300 million students worldwide.

How Has Education Changed Due To CoVID 19?

The rapid spread of coronavirus also called as CoVID 19 has across Asia, Europe, the Middle East as well as the United States has resulted in a global lockdown. To mitigate the development of this full-blown pandemic, countries have taken swift as well as decisive action