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5 Things to Choose Best Online Exam Software

Covid has completely changed our lives, along with causing havoc across the world, disrupting people’s life & taking lives of N number of people it has also taught us to conduct all our official work virtually. The pandemic has forced universities globally to choose online exam software.

Can You Cheat In Online Proctored Exams

As the country is battling the pandemic’s second wave, universities and schools are looking to opt for online proctored exams to ensure that students do not cheat. Certainly, CoVid 19 pandemic resulted in the escalation of the need to use technology in every sector including educational institutions. As a result, educational institutions critical of the sanctity of traditional exams have been favouring proctored exams over the offline mode as a reliable option.

Every University’s Need of the Hour

CoVID’s second wave has caused havoc in our country. When India’s health infrastructure is on the verge of collapse, this pandemic has shown its worst side by severely impacting the youth. In this sorry state of affairs & the start of the new academic year, online exam software has become every university’s need of the hour.

Why Is Auto Proctoring Already A Rage In Education Sector

What started on a trial basis intending to replace human proctors has now become a go-to solution helping thousands of academicians & students in this pandemic to ensure continuity in examinations.
From eliminating the need to set up physical exams, online proctoring software has paved the way for conducting remote exams, expediting the evaluation process irrespective of the number of candidates & has empowered the educational sector to surmount all the obstacles that this pandemic had posed.

Ways To Make Online Workplace Engaging In 2021

Coronavirus has changed the way of working. From joint meetings & office parties, the traditional workplace setup has been replaced by working on couches due to work from home. Although it is being observed that most of the organizations are adapting well to this new shift to continue with this trend, in the long run, businesses are facing new challenges to make their online workplace engaging.