What Are The Differences Between Offline vs Online Test Platforms?

By | 12/11/2018

What Are The Differences Between Offline vs Online Test Platforms?

Do you know What is Online Test Platform?.

Futuristic Technology

Major Difference Between Online vs Offline Test Platforms with growing Technology like AI and Blockchain will reform the world, policies, decisions, less time will it be taken to take any major decisions. Human advancement, comfort, easiness will reach up to another level. The way we live today will completely change, after 5 years from now with Online vs Offline Test Platforms.

Take one such example: Remember how we use to give exams in earlier days, now it is changing, with the help of Online Exam Software. Online Examination System has changed the way the exam is taken before.

The expression is the key to learning

Expression plays a key role in learning new things, with depth and fast, recent technology has enabled us to maintain, and enhance our capability and pace of learning. Now different technology in the form software or the other keeps us at a certain level of understanding and intuitive.

Such an example is Online Test Software. See what are its capabilities, and its scalability.

The traditional pen-paper based exams have:

  • A long and tiring process of conducting and evaluating the exams.
  • Cost of ink from printing and the cost of paper.
  • Risk of paper getting paper leak.
  • There is a slight difference in timing for each candidate while collecting answer sheets.
  • May contain errors.
  • Less security.
Online vs Offline Test Platform

Online vs Offline Test Platforms

Time Management: Get rid of question paper creation, candidate registration for an exam, evaluating the answer sheets and publishing the results with depth reports.

Accessibility: A User can access the test with a unique id and password, irrespective of location.

Efficiency: Online exam software controls the whole exam process from conducting exams to the evaluation process. It brings efficiency to the exam process. The probability of errors in the evaluation and results is very less.

Security: As compared to traditional pen and paper based exam, security is far better in every aspect.

Cost Saving: No cost of paper, pen, ink, manpower in evaluating the paper, etc. It becomes easier for institutes to conduct weekly, monthly, online exams and measure the class performance, student performance in each subject/course.

Competitive Edge: The exam creator is easy to customize according to the individual needs of your institute that ensures effectiveness. So, add this unique technology available in shape of institute online examination.

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