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How Can Coaching Centres Continue Teaching During This Pandemic ?


The long lockdown due to the unprecedented advent of COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges, coaching centres as well as other educational institutions. The wake of coronavirus has created an usher in the citywide classrooms as it has caused disruption of education for more than 300 million students worldwide.

How Can Coaching Centres Continue Teaching During This Pandemic (2)

All the educational institutions have never faced such kind of disruption before in generation. Unlike the time of the past, even during these times of restrictions, coaching centres across the world have become creative. They have done this by resorting to online methodologies to keep the students safe as well as healthy at home. One of the recourses that were taken into consideration by them to teach students online was zoom app.

This alternative resulted in tens of thousands of students and teachers in cities being glued to computer and smartphone screens. But even this recourse in some time became a treasure trove for both ethical a well as non-ethical hackers. Due to this, the National Informatics Centre issued an advisory. In the same, it asked the users to either restrict or follow certain guidelines while using it.

The notification has however created a dilemma amongst the coaching centres. In the times of pandemic, they now have to look for a new course of action besides ensuring continuity in teaching. The article below tries to solve this confusion. It lists down various other technological platforms by which the tuition centres can indulge in seamless online teaching without the fear of being hacked.

Ways To Ensure Continuity Of Teaching In Coaching Centres

Coaching centres are working hard enough to make sure that the precious time of students is not wasted even in this lockdown by taking classes daily. Some of the alternatives to zoom app that have made it possible are:

Online Classroom Software

A magic wand that makes it possible to conduct live video classes, online classroom software acts as a catalyst for ensuring continuity in teaching-learning practices. With this, the coaching centres can easily deliver their lectures the way they did in zoom app. Let us have a look at how this can help in seamless learning even during the times of this pandemic.

Face To Face Lessons

Humans are social animals. Learning from quarantine is both depressing as well as isolating for both teachers as well as students. Thus to make them feel alive, the face to face lessons feature of virtual classroom software makes it possible to be in touch with the students when teaching online. The instructors with its aid can deliver their gestures, innovation and body language while teaching. This greatly helps the students to absorb whatever is being taught by their mentor. They never feel the physical distance between them and their teacher.

Teachers Can Assess As Well As Gather Feedback

Teachers, while using this software, can administer polls. With this, they can check whether the lessons that they are imparting is being understood by the students or not. The feedback that they collect from the students helps them to improve their teaching methodology. This ultimately benefits the students only.

Record and Share Video Lectures

With virtual classroom software, the instructors can record online lectures in real-time. This helps the students to revisit and revise the lectures whenever they want to if in case they miss attending the classes at the requisite time. Even the mentors can add new information at a later date if in case they want to. They can also share updated information with another batch of students. Looking at the recorded lectures again even by the teachers gives them an option to improvise their methodology of teaching.


This online teaching software is not strictly functional on a particular device. This is responsive which means that the students and teachers can use this app on any device ranging from a laptop to a mobile phone to a tablet.

Enables Delivery Of All The Necessary Notifications

If in case the schedule of the classes changes or if in case any other planned time table changes, the tuition centres with this app can notify to all the users who have the access of the software. They do not have to go the extra mile by informing every student in person.

Stream Live Videos

The software also enables the instructors to stream those live videos or classes on YouTube by mentioning the URLs in the video segment. The users can also upload study material and samples in the PDF segment.

Online Examination Software

Coaching centres are continuing to teach the students through the platform of the virtual classroom. They also need a mechanism to check whether whatever they’re teaching is being understood by students or not. They even need software that makes the assessment of students possible. This is when an online testing software comes to the rescue. By using the online assessment software, coaching centres can easily assess their students online. It has some features that make this form of examination possible.

Supports Any Format Of Questions

The software has a test management section. With its help, the admin to can insert any format of the question. Be it in the form of Multiple Choice Questions or images based or long answer type, they can import it automatically as well as manually in the of PDF or excel format.

Tailor-Made Backgrounds

This technological invention has the feature of theme customisation. By using these coaching centres can select the theme as per their convenience. They can also edit them as per their requirements.

Track The Number Of Students Taking Tests

The user through this examination software can keep a track of the number of students who have given the test easily. This software generates a list that has a record of all those who have attempted the same. It also empowers them to restrict the accessibility of the tests to only a limited number of users.


The online assessment software is encrypted with a secure socket layer. This enhances its security and thus prevents it from being hacked by third parties.

Analysed Results

Coaching centres can keep their entire attention and focus on teaching the students since the assessment software flashes the results the moment the students finish the tests. The students while giving the exams cannot cheat because there is a feature of online proctoring that acts as an invigilator when the students take the exam.

It also furnishes an analysed report that contains the feedback of all the wrong and right answers. The same gets delivered to both the students as well as the teachers. With the help of this report, the coaching centres can then focus on the weak areas of the students and teach accordingly.

24*7 Tech Support

eLearning is also posing challenges for users. Thus the developers of such software are doing their bit for ensuring continuity by having maintenance as well as tech support team. The team is available 24*7 in case of any error in the functioning of the online tools. It aims to resolve all the doubts as well as queries in the matter of some minutes.

Assess Knowledge Gap

In this lockdown, a properly analysed result report helps the teachers teaching in coaching centres to easily determine the difference in their knowledge. They get a clear insight into the sections that need improvement. The same can be done by changing the methods and ways of teaching.

The Last Thought

All of us are operating in the shadow of this global pandemic. It has disoriented and limited the entire world. In this uncertain environment at this moment, teaching is extraordinarily hard. But it is necessary to ensure continuity in learning. All of us know that right now it cant happen in person.

Although the university grants commission has issued an advisory where the colleges would reopen fro old students from August 1 and for new students from September 1 and there is a hope that probably all the coaching centres would also be allowed to reopen around that time only. But in these times the options to resort to online learning are acting as a boon. For this certain management tools are available.

We at Pesofts have made concentrated efforts by designing and developing alternatives such as virtual classroom software, online examination software. We also have a tool of online quiz app with the help of which the coaching centres can indulge in some fun activities during this lockdown by indulging into quizzes.

They can create questions in any format. The best feature about this is also that the results are displayed instantly. Further, the students can compete with others as well. The students They have all the requisite features and the best thing is that they are available affordable rates.

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