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What Really is Online Assessment Software/System


“The concept of online assessment in this digital or internet era has been transformed from pen paper-based evaluation to computer-based exam owing to the inconveniences of costs, administration, place associated with the conventional examination”.

Reading this line might have tickled your mind into thinking as to what is the reason behind this transformation. The answer to this is the advent of an online assessment (Exam) software that has acted as a boon for both the exam conducting agencies as well as the students.

What is Online Assessment(Exam) Software.

what is online assessment software

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Online assessment software  is a software that makes it possible for assessment holding bodies to evaluate students. This is done via online exam creator software, offline (without the use of the internet) and online that is with the help of the internet. From schools to coaching institutes to corporates, using this software gives benefits to everybody who conducts an assessment of any sort.

This software simplifies the process of examination by enabling the students to log into the test platform with their enrollment number, appear for their tests, submit their answers as well as check their score instantly. This entire process reduces the administrative burden of the bodies that are under an obligation to evaluate the students. The availability of the online proctoring feature eliminates the need to appoint invigilators.

With the help of this software system, instant results save time by minimizing the responsibility of checking the answer sheets. A proper analysis of the answers of every test taker indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the students gives the teachers as well as the exam givers a fair idea of the areas where they lack. Conducting exams on a computer reduces the cost “Price For Online Exam Software” associated with the hiring of invigilators as well as arranging the test venue.

Online exams do away with the need for using bundles of paper for question papers as well as answer sheets that also saves cutting of trees. This has a direct impact on the environment and promotes afforestation.

If after reading on online exam software you have the urge to install this magical software in your coaching institute or your school or in your company to get away with the hassles related to assessment, then you can choose the best sssessment software with free software demo.

Pesofts is a provider whose online examination software is available at an affordable cost. Its software comprises of features such as online proctoring, simplified framework, instant report generation, interactive portal, integrated SMS, that contribute to easy conduction of computer-based evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions by Anyone.!

✔️ What Really is Online Assessment Software/System?
Assessment software is a way for managing online lecturre, test also students details with the help of software.
✔️ How To Create an Assessment Tool?
Simply buy it from us and once we activate your account you can use it in a single click without a bug.
✔️ What are the benefits of an video online assessment tool?
Start classes within a minute, Save of harming environment and cutting of trees or more.
✔️ Are there any limitations to an educational assessment software?
No.! There is no limitation for taking online or offline test, givinglive classes to the students or more.

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