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How To Effectively The Monitor Online Proctored Exams


To ensure that the candidates taking an entrance exam online do not resort to unfair means, the universities must be aware of the methodology of monitoring online proctored exams. Traditional exams had in-person proctors in the exam hall to ensure that candidates while giving their exams are not cheating. However, in online exams, proctoring is a significant hurdle.

Online Proctored Exams

Technological inventions in the form of software for online proctoring have, however, made it possible to effectively monitor online proctored exams to ensure the credibility of the assessment. Thus, today’s article deals with how universities and educational institutions can monitor online proctored exams effectively to maintain the sanctity of online exams.

Let us understand in brief the meaning of an online proctored exam.

Prima facie, as the name suggests, online proctored exams are the exams in which online examination software is coupled with Artificial Intelligence, real-time audio and video streaming of the candidates to ensure cheating-free assessment. While the students are giving their exam, the proctor keeps an eye on their activity and movement like an invigilator and cancels the exam after a limited number of warnings.

It is akin to an actual classroom setting where the proctor intervenes if the students undertake any suspicious activity. By playing a crucial role in enabling test takers from any part of the world to take an online exam without their physical presence, an online proctored exam software acts as a boon for educational institutes and test-takers. With the help of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, online proctoring software ensures a secure and reliable testing environment, giving both educators and students peace of mind.

How To Effectively Monitor Online Proctored Exams

Necessary Components Of Online Proctoring Software For Effective Monitoring

To monitor online exams effectively, an educational institution must purchase software that constitutes the following components:

Pre Exam Authentication: The first thing that is of utmost importance in conducting an online exam and ensuring effective monitoring is that the proctor for online examination to have the component of pre-exam Authentication. That’s to be assured that the right candidate who applied for the exam is taking the same, and none else on his behalf is giving the online exam. This can be achieved by using artificial intelligence-based facial recognition and the software insisting on the candidate’s mic and camera.

Live Proctoring: Post authentication, the proctor, should also have the ability to check any unwarranted activity undertaken by the candidate while giving the exam. The live Proctoring component monitors the activity of the candidates through Audio and video streaming, and the Artificial Intelligence-based facial recognition constantly throws warnings and alerts if it detects any activity not permitted by the software.

Comprehensive Reporting: It is not only crucial for the online proctoring software to assess students’ life while they are giving the online exam, but it’s also essential for the educational institutions to have data of the entire recording which can be used as necessary evidence for proving instances of cheating or using unfair means. The analytics produced by the software can also be used to automatically mark out those candidates who have had a high number of alerts by the proctor during the exam. That’s when a compressive report and analytics component of the online proctoring software comes to the rescue.

Coupled with the above components, to ensure that educational institutes monitor the online exams effectively, they should opt for online proctoring software that has the following features:

Detecting Location Of Students: To cheat, the test takers often sit with their peers to give the exam as they think it would be easy for them to discuss the answers and resort to unfair means without the proctor having an idea about the same. To counter this, universities should prefer software for online proctoring that can detect the location of students during the verification stage.

Limited Browsing: While the students give online exams, there are certain websites that the students are not permitted to use. Ensure that the test-takers taking exams on an online proctoring software do not access the prohibited sites. For effective monitoring, educational institutes should always opt for software that permits students to browse only the approved websites and links, not the ones that are disapproved.

Scalable: We are all aware that the number of applications that a university receives for a limited number of seats in a particular course is humongous. Therefore only that online proctoring software should have opted which has the capability of withstanding the burden of innumerable students taking exams in one go without crashing. That is when software scalability comes into the picture for ensuring efficient monitoring so that universities can efficiently conduct online exams by not being worried about the number of applications received.

Seamless: Furthermore, the software should be seamless by having the capability of being integrated easily with any app, website session, or test engine and should be responsive to be combined with any iOS or Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What Is An Online Proctoring Software?

Answer 1: An online proctoring software uses artificial intelligence-enabled technology to monitor students while they give the exam at the comfort of their home. These systems ensure the sanctity of an exam as it uses real-time audio and video streaming. Further, students who take the exam online are mandated to verify their identity before taking the exam. While the students are giving their exams, the software tracks their entire activity, records the test sessions and bookmarks the points where academic violations occur.

Question 2: Why Is Pesofts The Best Software Provider For Online Proctoring Software?

Answer 2: The experienced team of developers which Pesofts has for developing online proctoring software, Pesofts is the best software provider for online proctoring software. That’s because our team keeps in mind all the minute details that are imperative for effective monitoring of online proctored exams. With this ideology in mind, our team delivers software that is apt and caters to the needs of educational institutions and students.

Pesofts the best software provider for online proctoring:

User-Friendly: Pesofts platform provides a seamless candidate and admin experience. That’s because it consists of UIs which are easy to manage and navigate. Users can quickly post a quick introduction and a detailed walkthrough that adds great flexibility to the clients. They can access the platforms and also use their proctors.

Easily Fits Into Your Existing System: Our online platform for proctoring is capable of being integrated with any app, website session, as well a test engine that requires proctoring. Available in the form of an app through which you can proctor candidates on all the web-based platforms for assessment, our software can be added to the user’s mobile examination/ assessment applications.

Robust Data Security: With Pesofts, educational institutes can secure data with our internationally complied standards. We use data encryption methods and secure data hosting by complying with international standards to ensure data security.

24*7 Support From Proctoring Experts: Pesofts is ready to help its users whenever they need our tech support the most. Test takers get free technical support from our team of service and support. They have an exam facilitator hotline, and every admin has a dedicated account manager.

Question 3: Is Pesofts Online Proctoring Software Easy To Use?

Answer 3: We at Pesofts believe in ease and user-friendliness and develop all our software, keeping this motto in mind.

Taking a test on an automated online proctoring software is the easiest. All that the students have to do is:
Step 1: Log in with their credentials that are unique to every student
Step 2: Select the relevant test package from the various packages that are available and add the same
Step 3: Click on Start and comply with all the pre-verification steps such as submitting a mandatory identity card, giving proctor the access to the camera and mic
Step 4: Post the verification steps, the student is ready to attempt the exam.

During the exam, all that the student needs to take care of is to adhere to all the instructions as given by the educational institution. That’s because the proctor keeps an eye on the activity of the students, and in case they do not adhere to the instructions, the proctor cancels the exam after giving the student a limited number of warnings.

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