Best Online Classroom Software & Platforms in India

Educational institutions and educators! Are you ready to take your classrooms to new heights?  Now no need to worry you can get you’re all your Online Classroom Software & Platforms requirements at pesofts.  Our Software Can Helps you in Virtual teaching, Interactive Classroom. You can Also Get an Anti- Cheat System. So What Are You Waiting For? Join Us And Teach and Engage Students with the Best Online Classroom Software

Feature Of Online Classroom Platforms

Quick, Protected & Secure

Our platform is Quick in speed and Data is kept Protected and secure.

Online & Offline

Conduct exams online on the Internet with Online Classroom Software.


Pesofts excels in scalability, reliability, and affordability for users..

All Questions types

Can create a test of any type of questions for any type of exam.

Sell Tests online

Sell your test package online using Debit/Credit cards or Token systems.

24/7 Help & Support

24/7 Phone, TeamViewer support for any type of help.

  What we offer as our unmatched Online Classroom Platforms

We create and execute impressive Online Classroom Software to help Educational Institutions,   Educators & help them to Achieve Goal. Ensuring client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do here at   Pesofts due to which we’re considered as one of the best online classroom software providers in India.   We promise to make every engagement with us meaningful.

We at Pesofts provide the Best Online Classroom Software and a good experience as well, which is very important in education. Our Online Classroom Platforms in Designed to help educational institutions and teachers.

In our Best Online Classroom Software teachers can easily conduct live classes, engage students, and take live discussions. But that’s not all! We know the value of security and privacy in the Online world.  That’s why we also have Proctoring system in our software as well. Now teachers do not need to worry!

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, that’s the main reason we kept our online classroom platform affordable for everyone.

So whether you’re a school, college, or any educational institution. Pesofts is here to help in you’re a way of teaching in Today’s world.



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How This Software Work For Your Institute

By engaging in regular practice, students can minimize errors, enhance their performance, and bring their dreams closer to reality. Our online classroom software includes a convenient test taker panel that empowers learners to practice at their own convenience, anytime and anywhere.

When you choose to procure our software, our team will personally visit your organization to install it according to your preferences. Once installed, the next step involves populating the software with questions tailored for your students. You have the flexibility to upload questions manually or request our assistance in doing so. With this process completed, your online examination software is ready to go, enabling students to take tests from any location and conveniently submit their responses upon completion.

Online Classroom Platforms help to arrange a lot of things in general. Online test taker panel makes the process of examination successful by making the exam accurate as well as hassle-free.

Why is Pesofts online classroom software & Platform Best?

  • Scalable and Adaptable Platform for the needs of Educational Institutions and Teachers.
  • Best User Experience and Uninterrupted Teaching and Learning
  • Affordable pricing options, making quality online education accessible to all.
  • Protect Data and Ensure a Safe Online Learning Environment.
  •   Dedicated Support Team 24/7.

This is what we follow to excel in the field of Online Education. Which makes us one of the Best Online Classroom Software & Platforms in India.

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Choosing the right partner for this task can enhance the quality of your testing by manifolds. Pesofts provides a white-label exam solution to institutions that wish to take the plunge and make education better.

FAQ For Online Classroom Software

Examination Management System

Ans. ✔️ Cost-effectiveness by Removing the need for physical infrastructure
         ✔️ Continuity of education during interruptions or emergencies
         ✔️ Accessible for Students and Teachers
Ans. ✔️ The Best way to evaluate which is the best online classroom Platforms are as follows
1. Features and functionality
2. User interface and ease of use
3. Security and privacy
Ans. ✔️Yes, Online Classroom Platforms can serve a wide range of subjects.