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Online Learning Tools A Saviour During Coronavirus


The illness caused by the new coronavirus has resulted in the declaration of a global emergency by the World Health Organisation. Till date, more than 1,00,000 cases have been reported worldwide, and new cases are being identified daily by various countries. Its spread has had economic as well as social ramifications across China and worldwide.

From disrupting manufacturing operations to affecting supply chains to resulting in the temporary closure of the campus, universities to enrollment dips and program cancellations COVID-19 has taken a toll on everybody’s life globally. Even education has been facing the most significant disruption because of this.

Universities have been scrambling to deal with the problems caused by popping up of this virus by cancelling the in-person classes. This is because every college, as well as university enrolling international students, are under an obligation to support them. They even have to make extra efforts of counselling students who are worried about their family back home because of travel bans.

Instead, they have been working on strategies to prevent the hampering of studies. All of this has been possible because of the presence of various online learning tools such as online examination software, online classroom software, and many more.

Online Learning Tools A Saviour During Coronavirus

They are confused as to how online learning tools are coming to rescue amongst the widespread of CoVID 19? Don’t worry. This article, in detail, deals with how these different types of software have come to the rescue.

Online Learning Management Tools:Our Saviour In Times Of Need

The various features associated with the online learning tools have made it possible for multiple universities to continue the studies irrespective of cancelling the in-person classes. Let’s see how these tools have been helping to make this possible by studying the role played by each device.

Online Classroom Software: Also called virtual classroom software, this tool makes it possible to conduct live classes and also ensures face to face communication between the students as well as teachers. Those who cannot attend their university classes because of this epidemic do not feel isolated at all. Some of its features that :

Mobile/Tablet Support: The responsiveness feature of this software enables the students to join the live classes through any device that can be android as well as iOS. The students do not have to specially take any particular device as they can join the courses on a laptop, computer, or even on their mobile phones check here.

Multiple Language Support: The feature of multiple language support in this software makes it possible for those from different countries to adjust the interface language as per their mother tongue. This is possible with the click of a button.

Attendance Report: The feature of attendance report helps the teachers who are teaching through software for virtual classrooms to obtain the relevant data quickly. This can either be of the duration or in/out time of the students. With this, even the students can keep track to make sure that their attendance is as per the required standards.

Countdown Timer: The timer feature of the online classroom tool makes the attendees aware of the time that is remaining before the beginning of the classes. They even get to know about the time that is remaining for the end of the course. With this, the students sitting in their hometown and not in the classroom can manage their time.

Secure Socket Layer: The universities providing online classes do not have to fear about their software getting hacked as it is secured with a socket layer.

Recorded Classes: Those who cannot attend the classes as per the scheduled time have the privilege of viewing the recorded courses if in case they are not able to participate in them. This also enables them to go back to the lectures and see them again whenever they want to.

Simplified as well as user-friendly: The best part about the software that has made it possible worldwide to conduct online classes and not hamper education at any cost is its user-friendliness.

Enables The Students To Create Presentation: Amongst the spread of CoVID 19, the students through online software can also present their assigned group projects and get them marked. Face to face feature of this software makes this possible.

Online Examination Software: Not only the studies but the online tools have also helped in not hampering the assessment of students. The online examination software makes it possible to conduct an evaluation, not in the classroom but online on computers or even on a mobile phone. Some of the features that make this possible are:

Easy management of candidates: This tool allows the colleges to manage the number of students appearing for this form of exam efficiently. They can add as well as import candidates. They can also either assign groups for a similar candidate or give the users an authority to keep a record of all the different candidates taking this exam.

Enhanced System Of Reporting: With this feature, the imprints or the segments of the test are acquired clearly. The propelled scoring characteristic gives access to the top to the bottom view of the scoreboard.

Question Bank Creation: There are obviously different forms of questions as per the demand of the subjects. Online exam software supports various types of items that offer a detailed overview. This can range from uploading images to framing complex questions that are supported by multi-language input.

Restricted Movement: Even the users who are using this software for giving their exams have restricted movement. The admin has the power to regulate the forward and backward movements of the test takers for monitoring cheating. They can further create various templates of tests that are time-based.

Security: To prevent leakage of the question paper and ensure safety, the software is encrypted with a secure socket layer. The admin with this can limit the accessibility of testing as well as certification material by either setting the IP ranges or requiring an invitation to access the content. This helps to maintain the authenticity of the assessment.

Easy Navigation: If in case the students forget to attempt any question or leave it for some other time always have the option of going back and forth among the pages.

Remote Proctoring: This feature monitors the activity of the test taker. With this, the students are never in a condition to resort to any unfair means during the exam hours.

Analysed Results: The in-depth reporting feature of online examination software provides an advanced analysis that is in the form of rank and subject wise reports. The graphics produced through this aid for determining the candidate’s area of performance of lag. With this, even the students can identify their areas of delay and make them better by active preparation as well as practice.

Online Teaching App: Another tool that has acted as a rescuer during the times of need is an online teaching app. With this, those students who were taking coaching or tuition for better understanding and had to stay indoors to be safe from this virus do not have to worry about their discontinued classes. The teachers have resorted to the app for online coaching, and the app with its specific features has made this possible:

24/7 tutoring: With this, those students who intend to study at weird times of the day are at a profit. Because whenever they consider, there is a tendency that they might have doubts. The feature of tutor chat, as well as 24/7 tutoring, helps the students to interact with the teachers and ask doubts whenever they want to. They can use chatbots for the same, and this real-time messaging feature never lets the students feel isolated.

Responsive: Responsiveness enables the students to study from any device that can range from computers to smartphones.

Past Lessons: Whatever the teachers have taught online with the help of this app can be viewed again at any time. The students with this are at an advantage as they can review or revise the lessons whenever they want to.


Thus Institutions around the world have been responding to travel bans as well as quarantines by shifting to online learning. None knows the extent to which this crisis would trigger and spread, but this has resulted in the boom of online education. All of this has thus been possible with the aid of learning tools with which the countries are at least ready to cope up with the spread of coronavirus disease. We at Pesofts are here to help the universities in continuing their classes by offering various online learning tools at affordable rates.

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