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Secure and Fair Assessments: Exploring the Benefits of Online Test Proctor



Online test proctor is the process of monitoring and supervising test-takers in an online exam. It uses technology such as webcams and screen-sharing tools to keep a check on test-takers.

This proctoring technology is becoming important to maintain the integrity of remote learning environments. The proctor ensures the system’s fairness by authenticating the test-takers identity before the exam starts. This technology has allowed students to take exams at their convenience from anywhere in the world just by having a stable internet connection.

Pesofts is a well-known online test proctoring software and innumerable educational institutions have instilled their trust in us for years to conduct secure virtual exams. Our experienced team of professionals has ensured to incorporate all the features in our software that you will need. Combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, our online proctoring software gives you a seamless experience with viable outcomes.

The Need for Online Test Proctoring

The need for online test proctoring arises with the paradigm shift to online education and remote learning. But the shift to online exams has resulted in a rise in academic dishonesty and cheating as the remote nature of these exams has made it easier for students to indulge in dishonest practices. To minimize the attempts of students of getting into dishonest practices, online test proctoring can be used. The proctoring software ensures the integrity of assessments and helps to prevent cheating. The software helps detect cheating attempts and sends red flags to the defaulters. It provides fairness and standardized evaluations for all the students and upholds the credibility of the examination system.

Traditional proctoring methods face various challenges and concerns which is why people are preferring online test proctoring. Traditional methods required the physical presence of the proctor and the proctors had to be hired and trained. This proves to be costly for the institutions and also causes inconvenience for students as the traditional exams are not accessible for remote or international students. The traditional methods rely on human judgment so it is prone to bias and errors which affects the fairness and objectivity in the evaluation process. This method hence fails to provide the convenience and flexibility which is desired in today’s digital learning environment.

What is Online Test Proctoring?

Online test proctoring aims to prevent cheating and maintain the credibility of online assessments. The proctor uses the test-takers webcams, microphones, and screen-sharing tools to monitor and observe their activities, behaviours, and environment during their exams.

AI-based behaviour analysis is a key element of online test proctoring. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze and interpret test-taker behaviour to detect and flag signs of potential cheating. AI algorithms can analyze facial movements and expressions to detect signs of stress, distractions, and the use of external help. It can detect and memorize typing patterns and can detect irregularities in text input or the use of copying and pasting tools.

Different types of Online Test Proctoring – 

Live Online Proctoring:-In this type of proctoring, the proctor monitors the test-takers in real time with the help of video conferencing tools and keeps a check on the test-taker’s activities and behaviour throughout the exam.

Automated Proctoring:- In this type of proctoring, an AI-based algorithm is used to monitor the test-taker’s behavior and detect suspicious activities like unusual movement, browsing patterns, and background noises. The proctor flags suspicious activities for later review.

Recorded Proctoring:- In this type of proctoring, the exam session is recorded using webcam footage and screen recording. The recording is reviewed later to examine any suspicious activity.

Thus, by using an online test proctoring system, institutions can automatically detect and flag potential instances of cheating and violation of exam rules.

Secure and Fair Assessments: Exploring the Benefits of Online Test Proctor

Benefits of Online Test Proctoring

Benefits of online test proctoring are enjoyed by both students and institutions –

Maintaining Academic Integrity :- Online test proctoring helps to maintain the academic integrity of online exams by detecting signs of potential cheating. The test-takers and all of their activities are closely monitored so that they do not engage in dishonest practices and the test results accurately display their knowledge.

Ensuring Fair and Secure Assessment:- Online test proctoring uses advanced AI-based technology to keep a close eye on the test-takers. This ensures that no unauthorized person is given access to exam material and prevents impersonation.

Flexibility and Convenience for Students and Instructors:- Online exams have broken geological barriers that existed due to traditional proctoring methods. Online test proctoring has allowed students to take exams from anywhere in the world. This flexibility allows students in remote areas or those with mobility challenges to easily take assessments.

Time and Cost Efficiency for Educational Institutions:- Online test proctoring doesn’t require physical centers or on-site proctors. This reduces costs for institutions as they don’t have to spend time and resources on logistics, travel, and administration. Also, online proctored test results can be generated immediately after the exam completes. This results in quicker feedback and timely assessment.

How Does Pesofts’ Online Test Proctoring Work?

Why choose Pesofts?

We at Pesofts provide the best online test proctoring software. Our software is combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is completely user-friendly coupled with scalability and accessibility, ensuring that students are assessed safely and securely.

24*7 Support and Training

We offer 24*7 uninterrupted support to resolve all your queries and problems through phone, email, and live chat. We also provide training for implementation, troubleshooting, and user guidance.

Easily Customisable

Every educational institution has different needs so we customize our software according to your needs. Also, our software is flexible enough and you can set test rules according to your institution’s requirements.

Integration and Compatibility

Our test proctoring software can be easily integrated with your LMS (learning management software). It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices so there is no need for you to purchase a new device.

Screen Sharing and Recording

Our software is backed with AI-based technology which restricts students from navigating to different webpages during the exam. It also prevents students from taking screenshots of the questions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how our online test proctoring software works –

Step 1- Log in with your credentials

The first and foremost step for students is to log in to the portal with the credentials provided by the exam conducting agency.

Step 2- Choose the required type of exam

The next step is to select the exam for which the student has registered.

Step 3- Complete the verification process

Before the exam starts, the test-taker has to submit certain proofs to authenticate identity and allow the proctor to take complete access over the device on which they are taking the exam to prevent cheating.

Step 4- Attempt the online exam

After completing the verification process, the test-taker gets access to the test. We at Pesofts provide 3 types of proctoring software. So depending on the model chosen by the exam conducting agency, the test-taker will be subject to different types of proctoring.


Online test proctoring is essential for maintaining the integrity of online assessments. It helps to detect and prevent unfair practices during the exam and maintains fairness for all test-takers. By keeping a check on test-taker actions, authenticating identity and ensuring adherence to testing rules, online test proctoring provides a secure and controlled exam environment.

It expands the horizon of education for many students who live in remote areas, increases inclusivity and reaches a wider audience. Educational institutions should embrace online test proctoring to uphold academic standards, increase accessibility and join the revolution in education.

At Pesofts, we focus on providing value and addressing the needs of the customer. Our software is carefully designed to meet your needs and additionally, we also customize our software. Contact us for a free trial. We assure you a hassle-free experience.

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