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Significance of Online Examination Software in Education System


The advent of online examination software has lead to a change in the dimensions of the education sector. The educational institutions have transformed themselves for the better with these new technological inventions.

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Today’s article discusses the importance of online examination software in education. However, before proceeding further, let us understand the concept of this software. An online examination software enables the exam conducting agencies to hold assessments online through a computer network. Its advanced features act as a cherry on the cake.

Let us now deal with the indispensable role which this new software plays in education.

SECURED EXAMINATION: Secured exam environment, as well as remote surveillance, eases the procedure to be followed for keeping an eye on the applicants. Based on online assessments selection of candidates can be done fairly, transparently and in an unbiased manner.

Significance of Online Examination Software in Education System

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HIGHLY INTERACTIVE USERFACE: The interactive user face enables 24*7 Communication makes it easy for students to prepare regularly for the exams. The integrated SMS mechanism keeps on updating the test taker about other examination related formalities.

ENABLES THE STUDENTS TO FOCUS ON THE WEAK AREAS: The variety of questions pertaining to a single subject, topic, the concept enables the candidate to concentrate on the area of lag through active preparation and practice.

ADVANCED ANALYSIS: Online examination software’s in-depth reporting feature provides an advanced analysis in the form of rank and subjects wise reports. These graphical reports help to determine the candidate’s area of performance of lag.

REAL-TIME EXPOSURE: Online exam portal enables the examination holding body to shuffle questions easily with a random sequence of tentative choices. Along with giving the students real-time exposure, assessment conducting bodies can also avoid cheating among the aspirants.

REDUCED LEVELS OF ANXIETY: Computer-based assessments reduce the anxiety experienced by the students during the pen-paper examination. The flexibility associated with these exams enables the students to take the tests at their preferable time of the day. The aspirants get the freedom to take these whenever they are mentally prepared.


Online exam software offered by Pesofts has evolved the education system for the better . Conducting computer-based evaluation is easy as the formalities related to pen paper The examination has not to adhere. The various benefits associated with this model of the test has to lead to its adoption by all the educational institutions having computer and internet connection.

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